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Simple guide to Interoperability Testing Logo Testing Guide

Simple guide to Interoperability Testing

By Admin / February 04, 2017

Interoperability testing is one of the types of non-functional testing which ensures the interoperability quality of the software.

Entry Exit Criteria Logo QA

Important Steps In Entry and Exit Criteria

By Admin / January 20, 2017

Lets discuss some important entry and exit criteria required in software testing.

Managing test data Logo Test Automation

Managing Test Data In End To End Test Automation

By Admin / December 23, 2016

QA team may consider and implement certain specific strategies/practices to manage the creation and execution of test data in end-to-end test automation as per their needs and requirements.

Shift left and shift right testing Logo QA Testing

Importance of Shift Left and Shift Right Testing Approaches

By Admin / December 19, 2016

The approaches of testing the software application starting from the initiation of its development and throughout the development, and testing done post-development are generally referred to as shift left testing approach and shift right testing approach.

Types of tests during Website Testing Logo Website Testing

Types of Tests Performed In Website Testing

By Admin / December 17, 2016

The end purpose of performing website testing is to make a user comfortable in learning, understanding, using and navigating the website, and thus includes almost all types of testing like

Top QA Interview Questions Answers Logo QA Interview Question

Top QA Interview Questions Answers

By Admin / December 16, 2016

Explore the list of top QA interview question and answers here.

Qualities of scrum master logo Qualities of Scrum Master

Qualities of Scrum Master

By Admin / December 8, 2016

Scrum is a team effort with characteristics like self-organizing, cross functional and highly productive who has the intention of adding some value to the product development. Scrum enable teams to experiment, discover and collaborate their learning.


Complete Guide To STLC

By Admin / August 31, 2016

Development life cycle is followed by the testing life cycle. A testing life cycle comprises of several phases and activities aligned in a sequential manner to initiate, execute and terminate the testing process.

Bug hunting logo Bug hunting

Secrets to Bug Hunting Success

By Admin / July 17, 2016

Bug is the defect present in the software, obstructing its desired performance. The defect(s) could be mistake in coding, error in designing, faulty requirements and many more. Presence of bug continuously degrades the software quality.