Client Review #1

I really appreciate the efforts of customer support team at Thinksys in delivering the resolutions via remote support without waiting for the customer’s response, which not only satisfies the customer needs but also turn their experiences positive with us.
Liat - Senior Manager

Client Review #2

I am glad to have my product and services in the safe hands of one of the best QA organizations who understand the client’s needs and believes in real-time executions to accomplish the business goals. In addition, I also admire the invaluable insights provided by the Thinksys team to us, useful in driving the new business. Thanks for your efforts and support.
Hila - QA Manager

Client Review #3

I am quite impressed with the efficiency and proficiency of Thinksys Development team in successfully updating and implementing changes at 11th hour to meet the need of volatile requirements.
Brett - QA Manager

Client Review #4

With their outstanding and commendable work, I always feel happy while working with the Thinksys.
Brett - QA Manager

Client Review #5

Thanks to Thinksys team, who goes beyond the boundaries along with their sincere efforts to helps us in resolving major bugs & issues. I feel happy and assured of your valuable efforts and hard work in delivering best QA solutions even in the most complex situations. Further, I am very much grateful of your involvement and assistance in our mobile web redesign testing. Thanks Thinksys team for your good work.
Sanjay Patel - QA Manager

Client Review #6

QA team at Thinksys has always accepted our different business & software challenges whether defect writing or adding up QA test scenarios to new stories, and have successfully executed them in an effective manner within the stipulated time period. Great Job!! I really appreciate you for their hard work.
Deen Ibrahim - Senior Manager

Client Review #7

We are thankful for your much appreciated and valuable feedbacks and assistance during android app regression.
Lauren Stigmen - Senior Manager

Client Review #8

Thank you for your help with OWA in bringing up the large customer base for us.
Eric Karlsson - Senior Manager

Client Review #9

I appreciate your deviation from the standard schedule to test after the Disaster Recovery process to verify and validate the veracity and intended functioning of our website. Please, keep up the good work.
Joe - Senior Manager

Client Review #10

Teams at Thinksys; Development or QA or any other team knows how to coordinate amongst themselves very well. Teams impart combined efforts by working closely to validate full flows in a much effective manner. I am very much pleased with the excellent work carried out at Thinksys.
J.Taylor Claiborne - Senior Manager

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