Adobe Animate CC

A revamped version of Adobe Flash, Adobe Animate CC is a multimedia authoring tool & animation part of creative Cloud. Developed by Adobe Systems, it is incorporated with new and abreast web standards, which cater to the tremendously growing need of web technologies and smartphones. With the introduction of this overhauled version of Adobe Flash, one can say it is the end of “Flash” era, and an introduction of “Animate”, which has more advanced features & functionalities.

Merits of Adobe Animate CC

Certain limitations and challenges faced in the flash have been overcome with the Animate.

  • Animate helps overcome certain challenges & limitations of Flash.
  • It supports & handles various types of animations, whereas Flash is used to produce only SWF content.
  • Dependency of Flash player and installable plugins, which seems to be a tedious and useless effort from user’s point of view.
  • Animate provides the support of WebGL, 4K video, Flash (SWF) multiple HTML5 Canvas templates, AIR, SVG Animation, 360 degree rotatable canvas, while Flash has the limited support of HTML5.
  • Ban & blocking of flash-based advertisement, auto-playing on Google’s chrome desktop browser in Flash.
  • Absence of interactive & optimized output for multi-device support in Flash.
  • Animate offers a wider reach to a number of features through access to Creative Cloud Libraries and Adobe Stock.
  • Introduction of vector-art brushes, tagged swatches, improved brushes & pencils and Typekit integration for HTML canvas documents.
  • Equal support for both Actionscript and Javascript.
  • Easy synchronization of audio on the animation timeline.
  • Imparts improved web-publishing options and its libraries are in synchronization to creative cloud.

Our Adobe Animate CC Services

We, as a leading designing & development company, cater to a variety of requirements of our clients by providing them attractive & state-of-the-art services for designing, development & animation, through our various Adobe Animate CC services. Our various Adobe Animate CC services include:

  • Get interactive, appealing & high quality animated games.
  • We deliver games in HTML5 Canvas format, which supports both web & mobile platform.
  • Enjoy the advantage of integrating videos, sound, graphics and animation in your website design.
  • Get an innovative, aesthetic, responsive, HTML5 content-based and visually appealing websites, with utmost usability traits.
  • Simplify application development for desktop applications or mobile apps of android and iOS platform published in HTML5 canvas format.
  • Receive beautiful, interactive, smart, flexible and user-appealing apps with superlative animations & graphics effortlessly.
  • Receive high & superb quality animation & images for your websites, and improve user experience & user interaction.
  • Scripting adds the benefit of playback control and complex interactivity in the animated videos, social media animations, website animations etc.
  • We impart hassle free & efficient migration services
  • Effortlessly migrate from Flash to Animate CC, which supports animation for both desktop & mobile platform.
  • Develop highly creative, interactive, & entertaining content using animation to engage users & readers.
  • Deliver easily-understandable and quality training and e-learning material and solutions.

Why choose us?

  • Find a team of skilled & dexterous web designers with great expertise in designing using a wide variety of designing tools like Adobe Animate CC(formerly Adobe Flash), illustrator, photoshop, etc.
  • We impart effective offshore development & designing services.
  • Get cost effective services for conceptualizing, planning, graphic designing & animation development.
  • Receive on time project delivery.
  • Get 24*7 support & maintenance.