Application Testing

From Uber, Netflix, Amazon, to Shopify, Kickstarter, and more, applications have become an integral part of our lives, and we humans are highly dependent on them to perform our day-to-day activities. However, to be popular among masses, applications need to be user-friendly, quick, and bug-free. And to achieve this, organizations and businesses need to build and deliver applications that have gone through rigorous software testing and quality assurance. To make sure users worldwide achieve the highest quality application experience, we, at ThinkSys, offer a wide range of application testing services and solutions for both web and mobile applications.

Application Testing Services

Helping deliver quality applications every step of the way!

Delivering applications with polished design, seamless performance, and functionality is hassle-free with ThinkSys: the leading application & software testing company. Leveraging our years of domain and QA expertise, we offer software testing services and solutions for a variety of application types, mitigating risks and enhancing their performance. Our team of mobile web application testers uses holistic testing approaches that help create a seamless running application.So, whether you need web apps testing, mobile app testing, automation testing services, security testing, or more, we customize and deliver you the necessary QA solutions and services that always meet your needs.

Our Full-Stack of Application Testing

Functional? Performance? Security? We ensure it all.

From functional testing and performance testing to localization testing, automated testing, regression testing, localization testing, manual testing, QA testing as a service, and more, we offer end-to-end application testing services considering the requirements of our clients. Moreover, to ensure maximum convenience, transparency, and ease of maintenance, our testing team works directly with the client and manages the entire application testing lifecycle, from requirement gathering, test plan and test cases preparation to reporting, analysis, and test closure.

Web Application Testing Services

ThinkSys offers a range of web application testing services for a variety of platforms, like Windows, Linux, macOS, etc., to ensure their security, compatibility, stability, functionality, and quality. Each of our QA tests is directed toward checking elements like syntax errors, cookies, links, forms, navigation, database, etc., which ensure that the application runs seamlessly, across all browsers, OS, and more. From a single page static website to a complex one, we can ensure the accuracy of all effortlessly, through:

  • Usability Testing.
  • Interface Testing.
  • Database Testing.
  • Compatibility Testing.
  • Security Testing.
  • Crowd Testing.
  • GUI Testing.

Mobile Application Testing Services

Our mobile application testing services are designed to test native & hybrid iOS and Android applications, across different mobile devices, models, Operating Systems, models, networks, locations, etc. Leveraging their knowledge of the latest tools & frameworks, our QA analysts and testers test various components of the mobile applications, like features, audio, sequence, visual elements, and more, on a real device to further ensure their accuracy. Mobile test service we offer:

  • Memory Leakage Testing.
  • Installation Testing.
  • Interruption Testing.
  • Operational Testing.
  • Conformance Testing.
  • Accessibility Testing.
  • Cloud-Based Testing.

Why Opt for Our Application Testing Services?

Relentless expertise, agile methodologies, & competitive prices.

At ThinkSys, the happiness of our clients is everything for us, hence we deliver flexible application testing solutions and services that cater to your requirements specifically. Moreover, to ensure the applications work just right and as per your expectations, we test them across a diversity of handsets/devices and global operators. The other differentiators that set us apart are:

  • Increased focus and efficiency.
  • Effective and agile testing methodologies and standardized processes.
  • Experienced professional, with adept knowledge of Selenium, Appium, Calabash, Selendroid, Robotium, Monkeytalk, etc.
  • Well-equipped test labs, with real devices, latest testing tools, simulators, emulators, etc.
  • Transparent processes, 24×7 support & maintenance, and constant reporting.
  • Time & Cost-effective.