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Qualities of scrum master logo Qualities of Scrum Master

Qualities of Scrum Master

By Admin / December 8, 2016

Scrum is a team effort with characteristics like self-organizing, cross functional and highly productive who has the intention of adding some value to the product development. Scrum enable teams to experiment, discover and collaborate their learning.


Complete Guide To STLC

By Admin / August 31, 2016

Development life cycle is followed by the testing life cycle. A testing life cycle comprises of several phases and activities aligned in a sequential manner to initiate, execute and terminate the testing process.

Bug hunting logo Bug hunting

Secrets to Bug Hunting Success

By Admin / July 17, 2016

Bug is the defect present in the software, obstructing its desired performance. The defect(s) could be mistake in coding, error in designing, faulty requirements and many more. Presence of bug continuously degrades the software quality.

DevOpsops logo QA Testing

Role of DEVOPS in QA

By ThinkSys QA Team / May 12, 2016

DevOps, a compendium of development and operations is an organisational strategy, focusing on a close collaboration and communication of the software developer team with the other professionals belonging to the testing and releasing teams.

Software Testing

Practical Ideas to Stay Creative in Software Testing

By ThinkSys Team / February 19, 2016

As Software testers, or for that matter in any profession, we are frequently chastised of being monotonous in our line of thought, lacking in ingenuity or plainly speaking, being dumb altogether...

Mobile app Testing

Mobile app testing mistakes you must avoid

By Admin / September 19, 2016

With India becoming home to the second largest user base of smart phones, the growth of mobile apps has shown an exponential growth over the past few years. Since the task of mobile app testing is as essential...

test automation logo Test Automation

How To Improve Productivity And Efficiency With Test Automation

ThinkSys Team / April 1, 2016

With each passing day, as the advancements in the IT industry go over the roof, so are the complexities involved in the working of software products. With new breakthroughs making headlines every day, the inherent intricacies of these applications are...

QA Testing

Automation in Testing over Test Automation

ThinkSys Team / Martch 10, 2016

Recent trends in the IT industry are quite indicative of the well known fact that test automation is becoming all too ubiquitous and that the skills which made the testing an investigative and unique profession (also associated with manual testing) are on the wane...

Test Automation

Can test automation replace human testers

ThinkSys Team / February 17, 2016

The fact that Software testing is integral to the development and overall success of any product in the IT industry, puts Software development managers worldwid in an all too familiar dilemma...