is a leading online dating platform that has been connecting individuals worldwide since its inception in 1995.

StackSports DevOps

In recent years, DevOps has gained significant importance in defining the agility of organizations. It enables organizations to release products incrementally with minimal risks.

Gefen Technologies

Gefen Technologies is an esteemed IT service and IT consulting organization specializing in developing cutting- edge tools and services that optimize the management of financial services.

WorkMarket by ADP

ADP, a global leader in cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, provides human resources, payroll, attendance, and taxation services.


To prevent unwanted interruptions while surfing the web, our team developed a hassle free & seamless ad-blocker tool to fight against the numerous frustrating advertisements.

Online Dating

Developed to simplify online dating, Match helps users find their perfect match, as per their compatibility and shared interest. Enjoy meeting new people & effortlessly find your better half.

Web Extensions

Leveraging the expertise of our talented team, we designed extensions & add-ons for Chrome & Firefox that simplify search for the users & offer them ease of accessing the web.

App for Automobile Industry

Ordering new tires, getting oil repairs, & replacing old tires is made easy by this amazing & user friendly web & mobile app, developed for our client by our talented & dexterous team.

Medical & Healthcare Industry

Make the process of purchasing prescribed medicines easy & convenient with this amazing and easy-to-use mobile app. Register today & find your nearest chemist effortlessly.

E-commerce Website

To help our client deliver household products at a reasonable price, our team of experienced developers designed a hassle free online shopping portal with impeccable features & qualities.

App for Financial Sector

Developed for the economies that reply on monetary card transactions, this application keeps a check on the transactions & organizes the expenditure & savings of the users.

QTP to Selenium Migration

Using the skills & talent of our team & our framework Krypton, we made the daunting & time consuming task of migration from QTP to Selenium easy & cost effective.

CRM Platform

With the assistance of our dexterous team, we developed a CRM platform that helped our client connect with the right people, which increased their revenue efficiently in a short span of time.