Cloud Computing Services

Gain the competitive edge with industry-leading cloud computing services by ThinkSys. We have a team of professionals experienced in IT infrastructure management & operational services, who utilize their domain knowledge to offer top-notch cloud computing services and solutions. Our team of experienced professionals can transform your existing IT environment to enhance your productivity while reducing cloud computing costs.

Be it any type of cloud or any cloud provider, ThinkSys is sure to deliver the best cloud computing services to move up your business to the cloud.

  • We have partnerships with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and other cloud providers and can assist with consultations, implementation, support, and more.
  • From managing complex multi-instance applications to hosting Enterprise websites, blogs and application we help you effectively manage the most daunting tasks without any hassle.
  • Accelerate your business growth with ThinkSys Cloud Computing Services.

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Our Cloud Computing Expertise

ThinkSys has a wide portfolio of cloud computing services under its name. Our expertise in the cloud will help you in picking the right model along with a suitable cloud type that will align with your overall business requirements. As one of the prominent players in the field of Cloud computing, we offer effective solutions for Cloud support & maintenance to help our global clients with:

Our Cloud Computing Services Offerings Includes:-

Cloud Consulting

  • Existing cloud infrastructure analysis.
  • Cloud solution planning.
  • Risk assessment and management.
  • Performance optimization.

Cloud Managed Services

  • Application and DevOps management.
  • Cloud infrastructure optimization.
  • Cloud implementation plan.
  • Effective failure recovery.

Cloud-Native Development

  • Custom application development.
  • API integration with cloud-based applications.
  • Integration and migration to the cloud.
  • Cloud infrastructure management plan.

Cloud Machine Learning

  • Chatbot program development.
  • Cloud-based machine learning development.
  • Custom recommendation models.

Cloud Monitoring

  • Custom monitoring alerts.
  • Cloud-based application monitoring.
  • Custom metrics for application checking.

Disaster Recovery Management

  • Custom disaster recovery plans.
  • Backup and restore data.
  • Cloud application security.
  • Remotely manage backups.

Cloud Migration Services

  • Migrate entire workloads to the cloud.
  • Migrate from one cloud to another.
  • Switch between different providers.
  • Cloud performance testing.

Different Cloud Computing Platforms We Support

ThinkSys is proficient in providing professional cloud computing services for all the major cloud service providers; Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Our cloud services offer a reliable model that helps in adapting to the complex cloud solutions for every organization type. ThinkSys cloud computing service options include:

AWS Managed Services

  • Pick the best performance model for AWS.
  • Designing and deployment of IT infrastructure.
  • Enhance SaaS applications based on AWS through constant monitoring.
  • Serverless computing for AWS.
  • Database migration to AWS.
  • Best cloud security practices for AWS.

Azure Managed Services

  • Azure-based IT infrastructure management and optimization.
  • Integrate Azure cloud services to existing infrastructure.
  • Monitor and analyze Azure services with minimal downtime.
  • Improve Azure Security.
  • Optimization of Azure Usage for efficient resource utilization.
  • Azure compliance for secure data storage.
  • Azure migration.

Google Cloud Platform

  • Build robust Google cloud infrastructure for your organization.
  • Scalable, and high-performing storage and database for applications.
  • Access data analytics through AI.
  • Switch to Google cloud with no influence on performance.
  • Create and manage cloud-based applications on GCP.
  • Secure IT environment and workflow with ThinkSys.

Why Choose ThinkSys for Cloud Computing Service?

ThinkSys has been serving clients from the USA and Europe for over a decade, making it a renowned name in not just cloud computing, but overall IT services. Being one of the fastest-growing cloud computing service providers, ThinkSys is equipped with the right talent combined with industry- leading tools that can help you in getting the best cloud solutions for your organization.

Custom Cloud Solutions

When you work with ThinkSys, our professionals will understand your organizational requirements and create custom cloud solutions specific to your organization.

Better Security

From using the best security practices to complying with the industry standards, ThinkSys always ensures that every data remains highly secured.

Flexibility to Choose

Whether you want to work with AWS, Azure, or GCP, ThinkSys can provide the most efficient cloud computing solution on the desired platform. Apart from that, you have the leverage to pick from public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud types.

Skilled Professionals

ThinkSys has some of the best cloud computing professionals in the industry with years of experience. With the relevant certification combined with the right technical knowledge, our talent pool ensures that they deliver the right services to our clients.

Industry-Wide Experience

Not just IT companies, but ThinkSys has worked with organizations from a broad array of industries including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, financial, marketing, and many more.

Assortment of Services

Our wide portfolio of services includes consulting, managed services, disaster recovery, monitoring, native development, and migration. Furthermore, ThinkSys can help in Platform-as-a-Service (Paas), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas) as well.

Our Strategic Approach as a Leading Cloud Computing Company

ThinkSys follows a strategic approach toward providing custom cloud computing services where our professionals handle different cloud services. Be it understanding the current infrastructure to implementing the cloud, our experts will manage all.

Evaluate Current Capabilities

The first step in our strategic approach is to understand the client’s requirements. In addition, our experts analyze the existing cloud infrastructure to create strategies that will help in implementing the solutions.

Creating Roadmap

Post-evaluating the existing infrastructure, our professionals will create a robust architecture design. Furthermore, the evaluation will be used to create a blueprint for implementing the cloud.

Cloud Solution Deployment

Based on the earlier created plan, here migration and deployment of the cloud solution will take place. The idea is to stick to the plan for minimal resource consumption and enhance the overall ROI of the client.

Cloud Support

ThinkSys remains dedicated to the clients by providing round-the-clock post-deployment cloud support to make sure that the cloud services of our clients remain up and running all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions(Cloud Computing Services FAQ)

A new-fangled technology that is ruling other types of technologies in IT industry, Cloud Computing is defined as computing based on internet, which allows people to access various data & applications through internet. Cloud computing consists a large pool of systems that are connected in private or public networks that work together to provide dynamic infrastructure for storage. Cloud computing is a big shift from the traditional way of thinking and is being rapidly adopted by businesses of all sizes, industries, & organisations all around the world. From creating new apps & services, to hosting websites & blogs, etc. one can perform various activities with the assistance of cloud computing. The features that make cloud computing extremely popular are:

  • Offers flexibility.
  • Can be updated easily & automatically.
  • It is location independent, which allows productivity from anywhere.
  • Imparts off-site data storage facilities.
  • There is no IT maintenance cost.
  • Provides disaster assistance & back-up.
  • It is cost effective.

With ThinkSys as your cloud-managed service provider, your organization can have several benefits including 24X7 cloud support, disaster management, better cloud security, and lesser risk, among others.

Cloud computing services are software and hardware resources accessible through the internet. Software development platforms, servers, networking, applications, and databases are part of cloud computing services.

At ThinkSys, we provide three different types of cloud computing solutions: IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS.

IaaS:Infrastructure-as-a-Service includes access to cloud-related services like cloud storage space, virtual computers, and network functions.

SaaS:Software-as-a-Service eradicates the need for hardware management as you can use cloud-based applications.

PaaS:With Platform-as-a-Service, you can create, run, and manage applications without facing storage, infrastructure, and code complexities.

ThinkSys is proficient in providing services for public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud deployment.

Public cloud:Public cloud is when you use shared cloud resources for your organization. They are cost-effective, and reliable as well.

Private cloud:Private clouds can be located on-site or hosted by a third-party provider. In any way, you will get access to exclusive resources for your cloud. They offer better control and security.

Hybrid cloud:Hybrid clouds are a blend of both public and private clouds which makes data transition easier.

Multi-cloud:Multi-cloud is when an organization uses two or more public or private clouds from different vendors. Cloud resources including data, infrastructure, and applications are distributed across different cloud environments.

We Offer 24X7 cloud assistance to boost the success of your business.

  • Round the clock support & maintenance.
  • Receive highest quality services, at competitive price.
  • Enjoy exceptional flexibility, security, & AWS compliance.
  • Hassle free & effortless migration to Cloud.
  • Find a team of experienced, talented & skilled software developers, testers, & more.
  • Access massively scalable AWS storage to drive business growth.
  • Move traditional apps to Cloud.
  • Deliver on-demand infrastructure services.
  • Accelerate time to market for new apps & services.