A better way of computing!

A new-fangled technology that is ruling other types of technologies in IT industry, Cloud Computing is defined as computing based on internet, which allows people to access various data & applications through internet. Cloud computing consists a large pool of systems that are connected in private or public networks that work together to provide dynamic infrastructure for storage. Cloud computing is a big shift from the traditional way of thinking and is being rapidly adopted by businesses of all sizes, industries, & organisations all around the world. From creating new apps & services, to hosting websites & blogs, etc. one can perform various activities with the assistance of cloud computing. The features that make cloud computing extremely popular are:

  • Offers flexibility.
  • Can be updated easily & automatically.
  • It is location independent, which allows productivity from anywhere.
  • Imparts off-site data storage facilities.
  • There is no IT maintenance cost.
  • Provides disaster assistance & back-up.
  • It is cost effective.

Cloud Computing Services Company

“Accelerate your business growth with ThinkSys.”

Accelerate your business growth with our Cloud Computing services and leverage the benefits of this next generation of computing infrastructure. We have a team of professionals experienced in IT infrastructure management & operational services, who utilize their domain knowledge to offer top-notch cloud computing services and solutions. We have partnerships with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and other cloud providers and can assist with consultations, implementation, support, and more. From managing complex multi-instance applications to hosting websites & blogs, we help you effectively manage the most daunting tasks without any hassle.

Our Various Cloud Computing Services

“Offering efficiency, accuracy, & superb customer satisfaction.”

As one of the prominent players in the field of Cloud computing, we offer effective solutions for Cloud support & maintenance to help our global clients with Cloud storage, Private, Public & Hybrid application development, among other things. From infrastructure design deployment & basic site implementation, to SaaS, PaaS & IaaS application development, our services cater to diverse requirements of our clients. Our cloud computing services are:

  • Cloud maturity analysis.
  • Application portfolio analysis.
  • Risk & compliance analysis.
  • Design & system integration.
  • Application migration.
  • Application development using AWS.
  • Compliance policies implementation.
  • Basic site implementation.
  • Infrastructure design deployment.
  • Cloud service management.
  • Operations monitoring.
  • Applications hosting on Cloud AWS.
  • Dashboard & reporting.
  • Server vulnerability assessment.
  • Server antivirus.
  • Server backup.
  • Network/Application firewall.

Advantages of Thinksys’ Cloud Computing Services

“Offering expert assistance to boost the success of your business.”

  • Round the clock support & maintenance.
  • Receive highest quality services, at competitive price.
  • Enjoy exceptional flexibility, security, & AWS compliance.
  • Hassle free & effortless migration to Cloud.
  • Find a team of experienced, talented & skilled software developers, testers, & more.
  • Access massively scalable AWS storage to drive business growth.
  • Move traditional apps to Cloud.
  • Deliver on-demand infrastructure services.
  • Accelerate time to market for new apps & services.