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ColdFusion and AWS

The advent of cloud technologies has remarkably transformed the entire spectrum of application development, resulting in organizations switching to cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and more for delivering applications and dynamic content to users worldwide. However, the impact of these platforms is not only limited to this, organizations are rapidly leveraging the features, capabilities, and excellence of these cloud platforms to enhance the capabilities of various languages, frameworks, and platforms, like ColdFusion.

We know that ColdFusion is a highly popular and beneficial development platform that offers numerous benefits. However, it has a few disadvantages associated with it that are effectively overcome by leveraging the numerous benefits offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

ColdFusion 2021 and AWS

However, what makes AWS so suitable for ColdFusion server hosting?

AWS and ColdFusion:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a high-performing application server that simplifies web and mobile application development in enterprise environments. It offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services and easy-to-use features to facilitate the development of high-performing, enterprise-ready applications that scale dynamically to meet your business needs. Moreover, with AWS, you get unique built-in HTML5 support that allows you to create interactive web applications easily.

AWS integration with ColdFusion is highly beneficial, as it reduces server costs by more than half. It eliminates high upfront costs and reduces the ongoing costs by enabling users to pay only for the cloud resources used.

In short, by hosting the ColdFusion server on AWS, you can start using the ColdFusion server for as little as $0.15/hour while enjoying unparalleled Adobe support for ColdFusion AMIs on Amazon EC2. Furthermore, you can ensure quality ColdFusion application development, with lower costs, enhanced scalability, and the fastest time-to-market.

In today’s highly competitive world, AWS along with ColdFusion is helping organizations unlock new opportunities by enabling them to build feature-rich web-based applications and software leveraging its scalable and performance-oriented web-based solutions. Popular among modern-day website developers and web application programmers, AWS And ColdFusion can assist you in easily managing huge amounts of data and information and integrate website pages and the database.

Here are some other reasons why you should opt for AWS for ColdFusion Server hosting:

  1. AWS Features for ColdFusion Server Hosting:
  2. When the ColdFusion server is hosted on AWS, it not only helps you reduce costs but also provides amazing features like:

    • Transcribe -It helps:
      • Create transcriptions of audio and video files.
      • Create subtitles for your video presentations.
      • Analyze data for legal, call center, or BPO operations.
    • AWS Translate:
    • AWS Translate is a translation service that offers numerous different languages to users allowing them to translate effortlessly to make international business transactions a breeze.

    • Recognition:
    • This is a machine vision tool that uses highly scalable, proven, and deep learning technology to make it easy to add images and perform video analysis. For example, it is because of Recognition that you know when someone tags you in a Facebook post, through the little box that appears around your picture automatically. Moreover, it allows you to:

      • Detect Unsafe Content.
      • Detect and Match Faces.
      • Text in Images.
  3. Advantages of Hosting ColdFusion Server on AWS:
  4. From building high-performing, enterprise-ready applications that scale dynamically to making your websites more secure with formidable security standards, the benefits of ColdFusion on AWS are numerous. A few of these are:

    • Faster time-to-market:
    • By hosting ColdFusion servers on AWS, you can effortlessly deploy ColdFusion-based enterprise applications quickly without purchasing the software or investing in hardware. Furthermore, you will be able to apply the ColdFusion image directly on an Amazon instance leveraging Amazon Machine Images (AMIs).

    • Lower Costs:
    • By hosting ColdFusion on AWS you can eliminate high upfront costs and reduce your ongoing costs by paying only for the cloud resources used. Furthermore, it offers your complete Adobe support for ColdFusion AMIs on Amazon EC2.

    • Greater Scalability:
    • Leverage the highly reliable AWS cloud computing platform and durable technology set up to scale resources based on demand.

So, whether you want to make ColdFusion application development cost-effective or enjoy the remarkable ease offered by AWS and its various features, ThinkSys Inc, can help you make the most out of both ColdFusion and AWS, leveraging our AWS and ColdFusion expertise. From guiding you to adopt the latest trends, technologies, and approaches to helping you build secure and adaptable applications that help you gain maximum benefits, our ColdFusion and AWS experts are here to guide you to achieve your business goals and drive unstoppable success.

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