What’s New in ColdFusion 2021?

You are a programmer responsible for developing a business-critical application with requirements that strongly emphasize the importance of security and seamless functionality. Which platform will you choose for application development? Well, to ensure you meet all these requirements and efficiently create a dynamic application that is highly scalable, secure, and user friendly, you need a powerful programming platform. And we would like to recommend Adobe ColdFusion, the leading web programming platform, popular among the developer community for its diverse applications in various industry verticals.

whats new in coldfusion 2021

For the past two decades, ColdFusion has been revolutionizing the world of software development by helping programmers create dynamic web apps and web pages that deliver results and propel success. Leveraging the mark-up programming language,CFML, ColdFusion facilitates rapid development, as it does not require complex coding and allows programmers to build modern web applications easily.

Today, this rapid web application development computing platform has been completely reimagined to help you build applications that are highly secure, flexible, content-rich, and data-driven.

But what is New in ColdFusion 2021? 

Since its introduction, Adobe has constantly released new versions of ColdFusion to effectively cater to the continuously evolving needs of the market and businesses.

Adobe recently released the latest and modernized version of ColdFusion, ColdFusion 2021, on Nov 11th, 2020, with new and improved features available in all its editions: Standard, Enterprise, and Developer to provide next-level flexibility to its users.

ColdFusion 2021 is a completely reimagined version of Adobe ColdFusion and is super secure, simple, and easy to scale. It offers a modular, secure, and containerized approach for building applications that can run across multiple cloud providers or on-premises.

Moreover, the platform was modified/upgraded to support microservices for better app scaling under load and allow you to focus on work rather than worrying about other details.

Except, that’s not all.

The platform went through various other changes and improvements to facilitate smoother and hassle-free application development. Some of these new features and functions of Adobe ColdFusion 2021, which play a critical role in its popularity among developers today, are:

  • Lightweight Installer:
  • The all-new lightweight installer helps you get up and running in minutes by automating repeatable installations of only the services you need. It provides you complete control over what you install at all times.

  • ColdFusion Package Manager:
  • ColdFusion 2021 offers a new ColdFusion Package Manager that allows you to continuously integrate small pieces of code and deliver applications quickly and seamlessly. Moreover, it enables you to only install services that your application requires.

  • Cloud Storage Services:

    With ColdFusion’s new cloud storage services you can now access multi-cloud services using the same syntax and interact with different databases through a single line of code. Get expandable, elastic, and cheaper raw storage for fast data access, with AWS S3 and Azure Blob.

  • Messaging Services:

    Now easily eliminate the complexity of message-oriented middleware with messaging services offered by ColdFusion 2021 with Azure Service Bus and AWS Simple Notification Service/Simple Queue Service. Access messaging queue services and transmit any volume of data across applications, keeping track of whether your messages are delivered or not.

  • No-SQL Database:
  • Get a built-in productive interface to NoSQL databases to effectively optimize the scale-up architecture offered by AWS DynamoDB and MongoDB and handle large volumes of data. Moreover, it enables you to store unstructured, semi structured, or structured data and allows easy updates to schemas and fields.

  • Single Sign-on:
  • To offer next-level ease of signing on, ColdFusion now offers the convenience of having one set of credentials across multiple applications with SAML. It offers users a single point of authentication, which helps organizations get a birds-eye view of user-level access into the ecosystem at all times.

  • Core Language Changes:
  • To enhance the development experience of ColdFusion developers, adobe has introduced new changes in its core language CFML, including new language constructs, parallelization in Array, Struct, and Query functions, new encryption methods, extended tag support, enhanced script functions, support for new operations, and more.

  • Performance Monitoring Toolset:
  • This is an application monitoring suite that helps developers gain effective insight into how applications perform at run-time. Performance Monitoring Toolset supports clustered environments, analyzes thread dumps, helps users identify bottlenecks, captures and persists data in real-time for business transactions, and more to help businesses resolve issues effectively and protect applications from common performance pitfalls.

  • Multi-Cloud RDS:
  • Now you can leverage ColdFusion’s ability to seamlessly integrate with Amazon RDS and Azure database services to enhance your database availability. It helps users to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud swiftly, all at a lower cost.

  • ColdFusion & AWS:
  • To effectively tackle its licensing cost issue, ColdFusion integrated with AWS to reduce the server costs by more than half. By using the ColdFusion server on AWS, you can eliminate high upfront costs and reduce the ongoing costs by paying only for the cloud resources used.

Hence, in the past few years, ColdFusion has gone through various enhancements to ensure a better development experience for ColdFusion developers. These new changes not only help reduce stress, inefficiency, security, and project lifecycle costs but also simultaneously increases project velocity and innovation.

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