“A never-ending process of continual improvement” – Jez Humble

DevOps is an umbrella term for a collection of strategies and skills in managing software infrastructure and deployments. This approach seeks to bridge the steps of the software development lifecycle into a more streamlined process from software development all the way to a production deployment. Due to its importance in improving productivity and application stability, DevOps has gained immense importance among organizations and is rapidly being prioritized to plan proactive strategies to prevent downtime and improve costs. The various advantages offered by DevOps are:

  • Improved communication & collaboration.
  • Enjoy quick time to market and increased agility.
  • Improve efficiency and deliver high quality software.
  • Achieve availability & budget goals.
  • Maintain business advantages.
  • Enhanced security & stability.

dev ops

DevOps as a Service

“Ensuring continuous delivery & integration!”

If you are finding it difficult to scale up your operations, ThinkSys is here you help you out. We have a team of certified & knowledgeable experts, who work round the clock to automate processes and hail a new application or service. We also have technical proficiency in AWS DevOps, which allowed us to migrated complex applications and manage daunting infrastructure challenges with ease. Our other DevOps services include:

DevOps Assessment

We have team of adept experts who assess your DevOps practices, audit your existing infrastructure, analyze key points for your business, and recommended processes & tools, which simplify deployment and make it hassle free.

DevOps Automation

To ensure continuous deployment & delivery, our team offers effective support for automation, which protects organizations from deployment risks and increases their productivity & revenue.

DevOps Management

With our team’s expertise, we offer support for release management, continuous deployment, change management, and more, which helps organizations get rapid & hassle free deployment.

Expert DevOps Consulting

Scale up your business with our managed services for DevOps consulting that offers efficiency & automation to make organizational change to public cloud easy and hassle free. Our solutions are tailored to fit our client’s needs and work effectively with various Cloud platform.

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Leverage the advantages of continuous integration & delivery, and effortlessly minimize integration time, improve code quality, reduce project risks, and more. Also, get faster time-to-market & cost effective services.

DevOps Tools

Our team of highly qualified, skillful & certified professionals use various DevOps tools, such as Packer, Consul, Nomad, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Terraform, Docker, and more to help our client achieve accurate results and to make process of development & deployment fast and effortless. Other tools used for DevOps consulting & services are:

Nagios or Nagio Core is a free & open-source computer software application that monitors systems, networks & infrastructure and alerts users when things go wrong.

An open-source supervision tool for Unix & Linux, Monit ensures the accuracy & appropriateness of a given process. With this tool, one can check the system status directly from the command line or through native HTTP web server.

With our team’s expertise, we offer support for release management, continuous deployment, change management, and more, which helps organizations get rapid & hassle free deployment.

An open-source automation server written in Java, Jenkins is extremely easy to use and has an outstanding ecosystem of plug-ins & add-ons. Optimized for easy customization, it helps automate the non-human part of software development process.

An open-source software configuration management tool that runs on several Unix like systems as well as Microsoft Windows. Written in C++ & Clojure, it has its own declarative language to describe system configuration

Kubernetes is a system for automating deployment, scaling, & management of containerized applications. Originally designed by Google, this tool works with a range of container tools and offers features like automatic binpacking, self-healing, storage orchestration, etc.

A lightweight portable software testing framework that offers playback tool for authoring tests without the use of test scripting language.

Vagrant by HashiCorp is an open-source software product for building & maintaining portable virtual software development environments. This cross platform software is written in Ruby and is trusted by developers & operators all around the world.

Developed by Docker Inc., Docker is a computer program that performs operating system level virtualization, which is also known as containerization.

HashiCorp’s Vault secures, stores, and controls access to tokens, passwords, certificates, APIs, and more, which helps secures any application as well as any infrastructure.

Advantages of Working with our Devops Experts

  • Get smooth communication and services.
  • Find a team of hard working individuals, who offer innovative & effective solutions for Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation, Test Automation, Release Planning & Monitoring, and more.
  • We offer services to that ensure optimum development & operations.
  • Enjoy easy and hassle free migration to Cloud.
  • With us manage your development team effortlessly and get best results.
  • Receive expert assistance with code, build, test, package, release, configure, monitor, & more.