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Flutter App Development

“Powering Mobile Application Development!”

Mobile application development is currently experiencing a major transformation because of its increased requirement as well as the introduction of new and more advanced technologies, frameworks, and processes. Flutter, Google’s free and open-source mobile app SDK, is one such top-notch technology that enables developers to craft high-quality mobile apps, with native interfaces, using a single code base. It is one of the prime choices for cross-platform app development, like React Native, that helps build beautiful applications suitable for both iOS and Android. ThinkSys, one of the top Flutter app development company, offers best-in-class Flutter app development services to help you reap the numerous benefits of Flutter, like:

  • Hot Reloading.
  • Simple to Adopt for Developers.
  • Easy & Quick to Code.
  • Interactive UX Design.
  • Faster Quality Check.
  • Expressive and Flexible User Interfaces.
  • Faster Time-to-Market.

Flutter App Development Company

"Helping you super kickstart your project."

Leveraging the features of the Flutter framework, the trending mobile cross-platform technology, ThinkSys offers a range of Flutter application development services for mobile, web, and desktop. We have a team of Flutter developers, cross-platform testing & QA specialists, and Material design experts, with an in-depth knowledge of Dart language, that works round the clock to build beautiful Flutter apps suitable for various platforms. Our team uses their knowledge of Flutter architecture, which is based on Reactive programming, to build apps with flexible UI, high and agile performance, and more to help you deliver quality to your users as well as to improve your revenue.

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Flutter App Development Services

"For expressive and flexible mobile applications."

At ThinkSys, one of the best Flutter app development company, we understand the need for applications that work seamlessly across platforms. Hence, we offer a range of Flutter app development services to cater to the diverse requirements of our clients and build cross-platform apps that deliver native performance across devices or Operating Systems. Our end-to-end Flutter application development services include:

Cross-Platform Application Development

ThinkSys, the prominent mobile app development company, is making cross-platform mobile app development using Flutter easy and cost-effective. Get a team of certified cross-platform app developers for unique and responsive application development.

Flutter iOS App Development

Now developing iOS applications is made quick by Google’s cross-platform app development framework, Flutter, and ThinkSys’ iOS development services. Work with certified Fluter experts and get highly responsive and quality applications that run smoothly.

Flutter Android App Development

Make the most of Flutter Android apps development services and get Flutter based apps that deliver consistency between platforms. That’s not all, enjoy a high and fast performance, easy maintenance, singular UI designs, among other benefits.

Flutter Chat Application Development

Get Flutter chat app development at ThinkSys and enable users to send and receive messages in realtime. Get chat apps for both web and mobile that support images, documents, and more, leveraging the features of Flutter like quick development, hot reload, easy maintenance, and more.

Dart Application Development

Move your applications from current tech stacks to the hybrid framework, Flutter, with our Dart application development services. Enjoy numerous benefits and get a team of highly skilled and experienced Dart programmers for quality development.

Flutter Migration and Upgradation

Whether you want to migrate from/to Flutter or want to upgrade your current Flutter application to the latest version, ThinkSys can help you out, with our agile Flutter migration and up-gradation services. Keep your applications up-to-date and suitable for your users.

Flutter QA & Testing Solutions

Ensure the complete accuracy of your new Flutter application using our end-to-end Flutter QA and testing services. From development to deployment, our proficient quality analysts and testers ensure the quality of your apps across platforms.

UI/UX Strategy Development

To ensure our clients get needed results, we create a Flutter UI/UX strategy that works every time and helps them scale up their business. From visual design, usability to information architecture, etc. ThinkSys manages everything as per the need of the users.

Flutter Security and Compliance

At ThinkSys, we understand the importance of an application’s security and compliance. Hence, we use Dart’s crypto and encrypt libraries to ensure data security and to prevent breaches. Moreover, we test applications across platforms to validate their compliance.

Flutter Consulting Services

Rely on the leading app development company, ThinkSys, and get quality app development consultation and solutions. Get answers to what is Flutter app development as well as other queries related to cross-platform application development.

Flutter Support and Maintenance

At Thinksys, our work and efforts don’t end with application deployment. To deliver unforgettable experiences, we take care of your Flutter apps even after it is deployed, constantly checking its performance, security and downtime.

Flutter for Desktop Development

Now get Flutter applications for Desktop, with the help of ThinkSys’ Flutter based development services. Be it Chrome OS, Linux, Mac OS, or Windows, our developers create responsive, high quality, and fast applications that work seamlessly across all platforms.

Flutter for Web Development

With ThinkSys’ Flutter web app development services, developing applications for Web is now quick and hassle-free. Get a team of Flutter experts, who work round the clock to build highly interactive, graphically-rich apps that deliver remarkable user experience.

Flutter for Embedded Devices

Don’t be limited to just web, mobile, and desktop, when Flutter enables you to create applications for embedded devices. Get state-of-the-art applications, with remarkable UI and UX and enjoy better reach as well as improved return on investment.

Why Hire Flutter App Developers at ThinkSys?

“Knowledgeable and experienced professionals.”

Whatever your requirements, our experienced Flutter developers create applications as per your requirements, and ensure that they deliver excellence, every step of the way. Other factors that help us stand out from the crowd are:

  • A powerful team of Dart programmers, QA analysts, and testers.
  • 24×7 technical support and maintenance.
  • Clear and responsive UI designs.
  • Detailed documentation and project analysis.
  • Innovative and Custom Approach.
  • Agile Methodologies.
  • 100% Confidentiality.
  • Competitive prices that suit your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

The time required to build an average app that works on both Android and iOS in Flutter is approximately about 250 hours. The time required to develop an app for iOS is 400 hours and 250 hours for an Android app.

As the development time is different for each platform, we determine the cost of Flutter application development based on the total hours spent by our resources and multiply it with our hourly rates. The price varies if you opt for cross-platform development rather than choosing to develop two native apps.

ThinkSys optimizes your team size based on the client’s project requirements and ensures they get the fastest time-to-market.

Once you come on board with ThinkSys, we will assign developer(s) to your project, who will be communicating with you independently throughout the project, to keep you informed of the progress as well as to ensure transparency.

Companies in need of quick and fast mobile application development should opt for Flutter, as it offers various features that enable developers to build cross-platform apps for both iOS and Android with great performance, UI, user experience, and more.

At ThinkSys, we offer our clients the utmost security and confidentiality through NDA and other standard agreements.