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Energizing your lifeless emails.

An outstanding alternative to the traditional mails, interactive emails are the next big thing in the marketing industry. These are not onlyrevolutionising the realm of day-to-day emailing, but are also making interactions & communications between businesses, marketers, & the subscribers easy & convenient. Creative designs, innovative ideas, interactive scripts & features, as well as use of visually appealing content & videos is making traditional emailing seem boring and uninteresting, as subscribers & recipients are more inclined towards interactive features and functionalities, including input search engine, interactive emails are leading to substantial increase in the click rates. Some of the benefits of interactive emails are:

  • Offers functionality to take an action within the email.
  • Greatest way to surprise & delight your customers with new offers, sales, & more.
  • Provides creative, interactive, & visually attractive emails.
  • Increases the probability of subscribers in the inbox.

Pre-eminent Interactive Email Services Company

Touching the great heights of creativity!

Being the best designing & development company, we understand the rise in the market of interactive emails and customer needs. Our experienced professionals are best in creating custom email templates and micro-sites that can assist you in increasing the revenue of your organisation. We leave no stone unturned in terms of delivering best-in-class services and products and offer our expertise, adeptness & skills, at a competitive price. With our resolute efforts, our designers easily transform traditional emails into dynamic & interactive ones and ensure your get services that are compatible to your business requirements.

So, why not to take advantage of such superior and affordable service to boost up your email marketing campaigns? Partner with us & engage maximum number of users with your services & business.

Our Innovative & Creative Interactive Email Solutions

As a renowned & pioneered email designing company, we not only boosted up start-ups, but also expanded the customer base of many large organizations through our feature-rich, unique and appealing interactive email design templates & solutions.


  • Create a sense of urgency with countdowns & boost up your marketing & sales strategy.
  • Make your customers & subscribers aware of new & attractive offers with style.


  • Stack-up, organize and manage your content in a small space using tabs and without affecting the user experience.
  • Offers hassle free switching to specific or relevant sections of the email.

Rotational Banners

  • Grab the attention of your subscriber/readers and convey the relevant content or information through series of images, videos or both.
  • Ensure non-flooding of the content and deliver clear objective or purpose of the email.

Slides Tabs

  • Showcase your business or products in attractive slides using slider.
  • Maintain the curiosity of the user and get desired advantages.

Flip & Scratch

  • Provide exciting offers, discounts, or additional information through flipping & scratching effect.
  • Increase & maintain the interest of the subscribers & recipients with short and appealing emails.


  • Categorize the content into expandable tabs & and send out more verbose emails without letting recipients to scroll the emails.
  • Improve user interaction & cater to various information without increasing the overall length of your mail.


  • Most popular & interactive way of branding, which is becoming successful day-by-day.
  • Adds an element of delight & emotions to the emails.

Kinetic Email

  • Encompasses interactive and dynamic designs that are implemented in CSS & HTML.
  • Offers better email engagement by involving the subscriber to take an action to experience the animation, which helps generate better click-through rates.

Collapsible Carousels

  • Enhance the interactivity of your email with the hybrid blend of accordion and carousel elements.
  • Deliver more in a structured and graphical manner without affecting the email layout and length.

Search in Emails

  • Ensures effortless & hassle free search for your subscribers & users.
  • Allows users to get relevant facts and information while going through the email page.

Fixed CTA

  • Positioned with the assistance of CSS, it remains fixed in the mail irrespective of the fact that the customer is scrolling through the email page.
  • Offers quick access to the CTA and ensure more clickability.

Embedded Forms

  • Best way to ask users & customers for their preferences & reviews.
  • Increases the form filling efficiency, reduces customer efforts & offers improved dynamic content.

Graphs & Charts

  • Presents information in an interactive, visually appealing, attractive, & informative manner.
  • Summarises huge data, visualizes the specifices & highlights the key points.

Why Opt for ThinkSys?

A hub of creativity, innovation & talent!

  • We have a team of enthusiastic, skilled and trained designers, proficient in HTML & CSS animations.
  • Our professionals deliver unique and wide range of easy-to-use email designs and layouts embedded with the interactive features.
  • Delivers the advantage of testing on various email clients and mobile devices.
  • Strict compliance and adherence with established standards and norms.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure our client’s privacy.
  • We adopt best tools and technologies to enrich our client with rich, interactive, responsive and user-friendly email templates.
  • Proven track record of timely deliverance of the project.