Internet of things development services

“From connecting devices to creating value.”

The proliferation of Internet of Things has revolutionized the realm of physical & digital sphere and diminished the space between the two. A pioneer of Industry 4.0, IoT refers to a broad range of technologies, applications & use cases that are enabled by the connection of objects and devices with an IP address. Organisations- large or small -are increasingly tapping IoT solutions & services to boost operational efficiency and to transform their business models. IoT allows objects to be controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure and creates opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer based systems, which further improves efficiency, accuracy, and economic benefit. Some of the benefits offered by IoT are:

  • Encourages communication between devices i.e. Machine to Machine (M2M) communication.
  • Offers the advantage of monitoring.
  • Automation of daily tasks leads to better monitoring of devices.
  • It offers better quality of life.
  • It is efficient & saves time and money.
  • Helps get all the required information about the system.

Prominent IoT Consulting Services

“Offering services to accelerate business outcomes!”

Experience the new era of digital enterprise and transform your business with our end-to-end IoT solutions & services. Get especially tailored services and assistance in making informed decisions, optimizing operations, reducing costs, and achieving new revenue goals. Leveraging our expertise, we offer most innovative as well as Cloud based solutions that guarantee high performance & quality. Our talented Cloud consulting specialists offer their assistance in implementing the right IoT devices and architecture for both small & large scale businesses, while ensuring their interoperability. To help you evaluate, customize & apply powerful solutions, we deliver IoT consulting services at any stage of your digital transformation and help you overcome the various challenges of IoT.

IoT Solutions

“Ensuring continuous delivery & integration!”

At ThinkSys, we deliver top-notch solutions that offer ease to clients and assist them in monitoring, communicating, analyzing big data, and to get actionable insight for making effective decisions. Our IoT solutions cater to every commercial enterprise & industry, and are designed to work with leading Cloud platforms. Our IoT solutions include:

  • Validate the agility & stability of your business with our IoT architecture consulting services.
  • Get expert guidance for IoT platform selection and a modular architecture abreast with latest trends of the industry.
  • To help our clients get productive optimizations, we generate actionable insights based on the applied big data analytics and other necessary device data.
  • Collect valuable data & information and easily adopt practices that increase revenue.
  • Convey concepts and large amount of data in a quick and hassle free manner.
  • Identify areas that require modification & clarify the factors influencing user behavior.
  • Leveraging our expertise we identify communication requirements of IoT devices and use Cloud for data and process integration.
  • Receive innovative, end-to-end & real-time solutions and simplify your integration & implementation process.
  • We offer IoT services that help organisations manage compliance across multiple standards easily.
  • Establish global & security standards and transform to the next level of Industry 4.0.
  • With the assistance of IoT data and advanced analytics make informed decisions, which enable efficient & profound manufacturing.
  • Get objects embedded with electronics, software sensors & network connectivity.
  • Involves streaming analytics for device data, visualization and, big data for device data time series.
  • Evaluate, customize & analyze the data and enjoy rapid automation.
  • Leverage the importance of our services and enjoy connecting, tracking & monitoring your business’s most important assets.
  • Increase visibility, make targeted improvements, and perform required maintenance.
  • We impart safe and reliable device management while fixing bugs and providing constant updates.
  • Get adept assistance with configuration, control, authentication, monitoring, maintenance, & more.
  • Minimize the security risks of your connected devices and networks and prevent equipment failure and unscheduled downtime.
  • Monitor & identify potential risks and get effective solutions to tackle them.
  • Our team analyzes your data streams to quickly assess warning and risks to prevent issues in various devices.
  • Capture & analyze machine learning data & algorithms and ensure maximum uptime and 100% customer satisfactions.

Perks of Our IoT Services

  • Safeguard your business with our end-to-end & custom IoT services and real-time analytics solutions.
  • Effortlessly manage compliance across multiple standards and scale up your business opportunities.
  • Eliminate security issues & ensure safe & reliable management of all devices.
  • We have a team of dexterous & hard working professionals, who offer creative and latest technology & business driven solutions.
  • Leveraging the advantage of our capabilities, we offer services for various hardware, software & Cloud platforms, which will help you gain the competitive edge.
  • Get proven IoT solutions for multifarious industries such as healthcare, financial, hospitality, transportation, manufacturing, and more.
  • Our services deliver high ROI, efficiency and convenience.