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Localization Testing Services

Localization is the process of making a product, application or a document adaptable to meet the cultural, lingual & other requirements of a specific region. Localization along with internationalization, helps create more business opportunities and assists organisations reach all over the world. Localization testing, which is a type of software testing, is an integral part of localization process that aims at making websites, applications and other devices culturally & linguistically appropriate. This type of testing checks whether the various features and aspects of a software or application are in conformance with the linguistic & cultural aspects of a particular region or locale, which includes change in user interface or even the initial setting according to the user requirements.

Localization Testing Company

We, at ThinkSys, are offering impeccable localization testing services for web, mobile and software localization. With us, you can target markets all around the world and provide state-of-the-art user experience. We have a pool of highly qualified and talented localization testers, who work around the clock to meet the requirements of our global clients. Apart from testing the proposed functioning, we ensure that the software product accedes with the locale features and meets the needs & expectations of the local audience and users. From operating system, diverse legal requirements to translation & localization, our testing process test every aspect of the application.

Prominent Localization Testing Services Offered By Thinksys

Our skilled and experienced testers & localization engineers conduct localization testing using effective & robust strategies and offer solutions that are innovative & appropriate. To achieve accurate results, we follow all the key considerations of localization testing, such as Testing Scope, Test Case Development, Test Case Management and Defect Reporting, Role of Automation, Mobile Apps Localization Testing. The various localization testing services offered by us are:

  • Ensures compatibility with the standards of targeted environment.
  • Tests all aspects of the software including the menu, fonts, graphics, text style, time-zone, currency and other related parameters.
  • Our localization testers make sure the websites are developed as per the needs of the targeted market.
  • Validates that the websites are culturally & linguistically appropriate and have correct time & date, keyboard usage and more.
  • Get impeccable content & error free language for the localized version of the software.
  • Offer unique user experience and increase its acceptability among the local users.
  • Find a team of talented linguistic experts and get hassle free translations.
  • Our testers ensure the quality as well as accuracy of the translation.

Why to Choose Our Localization Testing?

  • We have the dedicated and skilled team of testers with a deep expertise in end to end localization testing.
  • Ensures the software localization along with its internationalization.
  • Our QA experts provide localization testing for both web & mobile apps.
  • Our Linguistic experts having excellence in multiple languages and adeptness in performing the linguistic test.
  • We provide the advantage of in-house as well as remote testing as per your convenience and ease.
  • We impart localization testing according to a customer’s specific requirements.
  • Our testers create real life test conditions using localized software (Windows, MS Office, etc.), not MUI (multilingual user interface).
  • To optimize costs and reduce testing time, we use test automation approach.
  • Our tester’s adeptness makes even the daunting tasks easy and hassles free.
  • With us, ensure high ROI in terms of quality & satisfaction.