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It is expected that the number of mobile users will reach the mark of 4.77 billion in 2017. The statistic reflects the users growing dependency over mobile. Mobile testing or mobile application testing ensures the functionality, usability, consistency, performance, security and other important functional and non-functional traits of a mobile app.

Mobile testing is more than the requirement and has become the necessity to ensure the market release of best and impeccable quality of mobile applications.

Whether software testing approaches accommodates the need of mobile testing?

No, test strategies & test approaches used for testing the software functionalities are incompetent in carrying out the quality testing of a mobile app. Mobile testing is a unique challenge to test mobile apps of diverse nature viz. web, native and hybrid apps across multiple platforms, operating systems, network configuration & settings, environment to ensure its intended functionalities, and thereby requires special approach, different from that of testing a software application.

Our Quality Assured Mobile Testing Services

Our QA team follows 360 degree perception to avoid any sort of negligence in the mobile app testing and provides following mobile testing solutions:

  • Mobile Application Testing:

    Functionality, Usability and Consistency are the core and key attributes which works as a base to experience the customer satisfaction towards a mobile application.

  • Mobile Web Testing:

  • With the easy accessibility to internet, mobile devices are sharing the significant part in the generation of web traffic. A user accessing the website through mobile apps or devices should feel and expect the same experience as in browsing the website on desktops/laptops.

  • Mobile Penetration and Security Testing:

    Security Challenge is one of major issue of the mobile technology as they are the soft targets of hackers and crackers who may compromise with the personal & confidential data and information available on the apps or devices and used in the mobile operations as in financial or business transactions.

  • Mobile Test Automation:

    Automation of the mobile tests would be a best approach to implement the permutation and combination of different factors and parameters such as OS, specifications, display size, network configuration, user interface, etc. associated with a mobile app, and to carry out precise and accuracy testing for each combination.

  • Mobile Performance Testing:

    With the growing popularity of the mobile and the fierce competition in the market, the only thing which matters is the performance. Most of the users consider the performance as a major criterion to judge the quality.

  • Mobile Usability Testing:

    Usability is the key quality for a mobile app, which defines its user-friendliness trait to ensure easiness to its targeted users in adapting, learning and using the functionalities and features of a mobile app. Usability affects and influences the customer's experience & satisfaction as well as the company.

  • Mobile Localization Testing:

    Marking the global presence of your product through various app stores is a primary objective of the companies. However, localizing the mobile app features, data, content and other relevant characteristics is also necessary to target and attract a particular audience or group or locale of users and meet their cultural need and expectations.

  • Mobile Accessibility Testing:

    Around 15% of world population i.e. near about 1 billion people are disabled in some form and constitutes a significant portion of the worldwide users. Thus, a mobile application should be readily accessible, managed and used by the users falling under the category of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs).

  • Cloud based Testing:

    Availability of large and diversified number of resources in the cloud such as software, tools and devices provides a well dedicated test environment to perform mobile testing at your convenience and ease irrespective of geographical restrictions. This ensures high ROI.

Why to choose our mobile testing?

  • On-time delivery of the project at competitive price.
  • With the blend of our mobile tester's skills and latest mobile testing tools, we provide proven end to end mobile testing solutions.
  • We as a mobile testing company are well-equipped to provide the extensive testing of hybrid mobile apps along with its development.
  • Our approach for testing the mobile apps involves the usage of real devices, emulators and simulators as per the business need and the client's requirement.
  • Our strategic mobile automation optimization approach has reaped out maximum benefits to our clients at minimum affordable cost.
  • Specific test environment and Software Development Kit(SDK) are setup and install to support each different platform and operating systems.
  • Advantage of Mobile Test Automation to test mobile device apps with some of the best known tools like
    • Appium:Advantage of automating the testing of multiple variants of mobile apps viz. native, hybrid and web application for iOS, Android and Windows platform.
    • Calabash:Behavior-Driven Development(BDD) automation test framework which supports mobile testing on both iOS and Android Platform.
    • Selendroid:Selendroid-the selenium for android automation framework supports UI of different types for native, hybrid and web applications built in android and provides the advantage of mobile app testing on both emulators and real devices
    • Robotium:An android automation framework and mobile UI testing tool for writing and automating the execution of gray-box test cases for native and hybrid application.
    • MonkeyTalk:MonkeyTalk is an open source tool to manage and automate mobile functional tests for Android, iOS, native, hybrid, web/html5 and flex apps.
  • Along with the advantage of quality assured mobile testing services, we assist in deploying and distributing mobile apps through various app stores.

With Thinksys mobile app testing benefits, be ready to visualize millions of download and excellent ratings & reviews of your mobile application.

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Client Testimonials

This is outstanding progress by the ThinkSys India team! I know you all have been working long hours and have been receiving new direction from us daily and sometimes hourly. We appreciate you taking a day out of your weekend to help us with this critical release. Integrating automation in an agile environment is extremely difficult and the entire ThinkSys India team has done a great job.

QA Director, online dating service company

ThinkSys has been providing outstanding, timely and reliable service for us. The company's staff is highly resourceful in identifying and executing solutions. The company has deep core expertise in QA automation, but we have used them for several other technical implementation services.

USA based CEO