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Budget Allocation to Software Testing

Budget allocation to software testing are generally not trivial, but a minority component of overall budgets. PlanIT Testing Index 2011 reported reported a 19% allocation to testing and the figure has been exceptionally stable. Quality assurance was given the highest priority by the Banking and Finance sector, garnering the allocation of 39% of project budget. As for the overall allocation of budget, the highest proportion is earmarked for development activity.

The trend is to prefer automated testing in place of conventional manual testing that is tedious and time consuming. Testers will usually run the testing in the evening and return in the morning for analyzing the results. For the success of automation, selecting the right tool is imperative.

Automated testing keeps a check on the quality of the product right from the beginning, reducing the time spent for repetitive tasks. Once the automated frameworks are designed, tests written will continue to run for the lifetime of project with little maintenance.

When it comes to software testing you should only ever hire the best because this is a vital step that cannot be ignored and should not be bypassed if your desire is to market a viable application or program to the consumer. The testing process is where all the bugs, design flaws and code errors are found and corrected so that it will run according to design. If you, as a business owner, try to save money by going cheap on this you will end up paying higher in the long run.

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