Emerging Trends in Software Testing To Look For

Competitive pressure and constant evolution keep improving the standards of quality assurance. Here are a few emerging trends in software testing to look for.

  1. Test Automation:
    Test automation is a big factor in improving efficiency of software. It may not completely replace the agility and creativity of manual testing, but it is certainly a quick way to cover bases throughout various phases of development. It also brings down the price of automation substantially down.
  2. Increasing use of mobile and cloud
    As the 2013-2014 World Quality Report suggests, the percentage of organizations using mobile testing jumped to 55 percent in 2013 from 31 percent in 2012. More mobile applications are relying on the cloud, making it even more important to test cloud-based systems.
  3. Security Testing:
    Security came close second to efficiency garnering 56 percent of the preferences. With the increased connectivity of information systems and devices, opportunities for hacking have gone up as well. Security will continue to be at top focus.
  4. Context-Driven Testing:
    Testers need to put to use various approaches through the product development. They will need to hone skills in context-driven testing, whether it is with both formal training or on-the-job observations. The most in-demand testers are those having an array of skills appropriate for many contexts. They would be able to interpret the skills required in a given situation.
  5. Centralized Testing:
    Organizations are moving towards transferring testing from development teams to a centralized testing team. Test Center of Excellence (TCOE) model identifies the tools and best practices to improve testing efficacy. More and more businesses are looking for IT partners with fully operational TCOE’s.
  6. Testing in Agile Development Environment:
    Best software testing companies are putting in efforts to build a sound testing approach fitting with the agile development methodology and use the right testing tools. Companies today need to get more focused on getting into the delivery phase quickly. Better testing model in agile environment will provide a constant flow of updates facilitating software development with respect to the needed features.

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