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Emerging Trends in Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Customer expectations are higher than ever when it comes to software quality, so testing becomes even more important. Quality assurance has steadily evolved through the years. Here are a few emerging trends in testing and quality assurance.

Test automation: Quality test automation can contribute a lot to efficiency.It may not substitute the creativity brought in by manual testing, but it does help in making things quicker and more accurate.

Testing mobile and cloud-based systems: Cloud usage has grown manifold in recent times. As the 2013-2014 World Quality Report suggests, the percentage of enterprises using mobile testing grew from 31 percent in 2012 to 55 percent in 2013, and the graph continues to climb.

More emphasis on security:As a survey for the World Quality Report indicates, efficiency and performance constitute the primary focus for mobile testing, at 59 percent, followed closely by security with 56 percent. With the threat of hacking ubiquitous, security is sure to remain in focus.

Context-driven testing:Software testers can no longer follow the same standard procedure on all projects. Rather, they have to follow context-driven testing approach. They have to earn an array of skills and the ability to interpret which skill to use in a given situation.

Moving to testing center of excellence model: The model deals with tool identification and the best practices for strengthening efficacy of tests. The testing process is transferred from development teams to a centralized testing team.

ThinkSys, one of the leading USA based software testing companies, has kept pace with the changing scenario in software testing. We have separate departments for software development and QA testing, which results in increased efficiency and cost-efficacy. Our experts keep a close watch on the changing scenario, making sure that we keep moving with the stream. Moreover, we acclimatize to the client demands by streamlining the QA structure to improve cost optimization as well as better accuracy.

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