Enterprise Software Testing Services

There is no denying the fact that the target audience plays a significant role while developing software. Some software is explicitly created for general users, while others are made by keeping an enterprise’s unique requirements in mind. Software made precisely for organizations is called enterprise software, and such applications come with specific features that will help an organization accomplish their everyday tasks easier and more effectively. Akin to other software, enterprise software also requires a great deal of testing before it can be formally released for use. This is the part where enterprise software testing comes into play. In this article you will learn about enterprise software testing services, benefits and types.

enterprise software testing services

What is Enterprise Software Testing?

Enterprise software contains a group of different components and programs made by understanding an organization’s core requirements and functionalities. Testing enterprise software is complex and scalable as it uses enterprise architecture. Undoubtedly, well-developed enterprise software can support business functions and enhance overall productivity. However, the software should be tested adequately and continuously for the best outcome.

Enterprise software testing is an essential aspect that ensures that the created software can fulfill the desired needs of the organization. Several organizations rely heavily on such software, so eradicating any possible bugs is necessary through in-depth testing. Due to its immense features and importance, enterprise software testing is naturally more complex as well. Furthermore, testers need the right skills and tools to perform this type of software testing.

Rather than going DIY, consider letting the professionals at ThinkSys perform custom enterprise software testing services to eradicate all the vulnerabilities and issues from your enterprise software. Our professionals analyze the entirety of your software code and create a roadmap for comprehensive testing. Our modular testing approach ensures that each software component is tested thoroughly. Be it functionality testing or regression testing, ThinkSys excels in performing all the testing types so that your created software can truly benefit your organization. 

Benefits of Enterprise Software Testing Services

The reason why experts recommend enterprise software testing is because of the key benefits it offers to the organization. Here are the primary benefits of enterprise software testing services.

  1.  Better Testing: One of the key benefits of getting professional enterprise software testing is enjoying a much better outcome. The professional testers will have years of experience and the exact right skills, ensuring that you will get the highest-performing testing teams. Furthermore, these teams will use the best practices, tools, processes and metrics that will allow your software to meet all the appropriate standards.
  2. Enhance Productivity: Many organizations depend on enterprise software to achieve peak performance and productivity in your business. When the software is tested thoroughly by an enterprise testing company and all the significant issues are eradicated, it enhances the organization’s overall productivity.
  3. Testing Cost: One primary concern of every organization is testing costs. You have the utmost control over the testing cost when you get professional enterprise software testing. Whether you want to increase or decrease the number of testing teams, or team members, you can do that as per your requirements.
  4. Collaboration: Some organizations prefer professional enterprise software testing services with their in-house QA and development teams. The in-house team can work collaboratively with the testing service professionals to enhance defect management, issue resolution, and relevant case prioritization.

Types of Enterprise Software Testing Services Offered by ThinkSys

ThinkSys Inc. performs several types of enterprise software testing services to ensure that your software meets all the necessary standards and remains bug-free.

ThinkSys offers Different Enterprise Testing Services Options

At ThinkSys, we believe in delivering customized service to every client so they can get what they truly want. Below are the different enterprise software solution options you can enjoy with our enterprise software testing services.

Types of Enterprise Software that ThinkSys Tests

The team at ThinkSys is proficient in different types of enterprise software testing services. Whether it is an entire IT ecosystem of an organization or a specific workflow, ThinkSys can help in all of these areas. Here are some of the types of enterprise applications that can be tested at ThinkSys.

  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Integrated Enterprise Management System.
  • Financial Management.
  • Product Lifecycle Management.
  • Marketing.
  • Sales Automation.
  • Document Management.
  • Content Management.
  • Asset Management.
  • Human Resource Management.

ThinkSys Enterprise Software Testing Process

When it comes to the methodology that our team follows, ThinkSys is all about following a systematic yet customized approach for enterprise software application testing. Our enterprise software testing services includes different phases where we understand the software, identify the issues, and eradicate them to ensure maximum productivity.

  • Step 1: Planning and Setup – The foremost step in every enterprise software testing is planning the test and setting it up. In this phase, our professionals will analyze your software.
    • Identify the quality-related risks.
    • Determine the KPIs, and test execution time.
    • Create a test strategy and plan.
    • Analyze the entire software to identify the issues.
    • Design a plan to minimize risks.
  • Step 2: Designing the Testing Plan – After assessing the software, our team will begin creating a roadmap on how the tests should be executed. These experts will create the test architecture and choose the right tools.
    • Build a robust test strategy and risk mitigation plan.
    • Create different test scenarios as per the requirements.
    • Pick and setup the desired enterprise testing tools.
  • Step 3: Execution of the Plan – In this step, our testers will perform the following actions:
    • Build a test environment.
    • Create different test scripts and test case.
    • Execute the plan and analyze the outcome.
    • Use enterprise test automation.
  • Step 4: Reporting and improvement – In this step, our testers will perform the following actions:
    • Build a test environment. 
    • Create different test scripts and test cases.
    • Execute the plan and analyze the outcome.
    • Use enterprise test automation.

Why Choose ThinkSys for Enterprise Software Testing?

Since its inception over a decade ago, ThinkSys has been one of the best end-to-end testing companies for enterprise software. However, there are several other reasons why ThinkSys should be your choice for enterprise test automation.

  • Over ten years of software testing experience.
  • Offers constant test execution reports for better code optimization.
  • Continuous monitoring of the process through KPIs and metrics.
  • Agile approach for software testing.
  • AI-based test automation
  • Global presence with clients from the US,UK and Europe.
  • A Multi-skilled and experienced talent pool.
  • Round-the-clock support.

Enterprise Testing Services(FAQ)

Enterprise QA ensures that the enterprise software meets the set standards and quality specifications of the organization. With enterprise QA, your software will be able to fulfill the compliance requirements for a better market approach. And above all, this process checks whether the enterprise software can accomplish the organizational tasks or not. 

Undeniably, every enterprise software system should be tested thoroughly to eradicate bugs and issues. However, when it comes to getting enterprise software testing services, it varies with the specific organization you use for this purpose. If the organization lacks a high-performing testing team, or simply wants a professional organization to manage the testing process, their best bet is to employ a world-class enterprise software testing service such as ThinkSys.

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