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Software QA Consulting

At present, there is always a race between organizations to release software faster than others. However, to win this race, many rush the development and testing process, often leading to unfinished and bug-filled software. Not only will it reduce the credibility of the software, but it will also hamper the overall image of the development company. This entire scenario can be avoided with the help of software Quality Assurance (QA). In this article, you will learn about software QA, its benefits, its different services, and why to get software QA consulting services for your software.

Software QA Consulting

What is Software Quality Assurance?

Software quality assurance is a recurring process in an organization to ensure that the created software meets the organization’s standard compliance and quality specifications. The software QA process includes different actions to ensure that the right practices and processes are followed during software development. Rather than examining the software after it is completed, software QA checks it during the development process so that issues can be fixed early. 

ThinkSys Inc. provides top-notch software QA consulting services that will ensure that your software meets all the necessary compliances and eradicate all the quality assurance process hindrances. Whether you are looking to improve your existing QA process or want assistance establishing a custom QA process setup, ThinkSys Inc. can help you with every software QA-related service.

Benefits of Software QA Consulting Services

There is no denying that software QA consulting helps meet the necessary quality compliance requirements of organizations. However, understanding the different benefits of using software QA consulting services helps in knowing why you should also get this service in place for your software development organization.

  1. Saves Money and Time: Time and money are the two most crucial factors for every organization. Bug-filled software will force your development team to take additional time to identify issues and release fixes. With each release, the organization will have to bear its additional cost, whereupon the development team has to spend additional time on the entire process. Software QA will test the software during the development phase so that any issues found can be fixed before it reaches the end-user, saving a lot of time and money.
  2. Makes the Software Secure: Organizations routinely establish several compliance requirements to ensure that their software is safe and secure to use. However, without software QA, there is a possibility that the software may not meet those desired security requirements. Having reliable QA consulting engineers by your side will ensure that your software is not vulnerable to cyber threats.
  3. Reduces Software Breakdown: When the software is released without sufficient testing, it is bound to face several breakdowns before it is fixed. Software QA will check the software in the development stage, drastically reducing the possibility of errors in the software before its release. The quality compliance requirements are met, and the software is tested during the development phase, minimizing the chances of a breakdown after release.

What is the Need for Software QA Consulting?

The foremost reason for getting a software QA consulting service is to monitor the software during the development process to comply with the quality and security standards. Below are other significant reasons why your organization needs this service.

  1. Organize the Process: Sometimes, organizations perform the QA on their software without a properly structured process. Doing so can do more damage as your team will believe that they have successfully completed the process, yet multiple issues will pop up in the future. QA consulting will allow you to have an organized QA process that fulfills your organization’s and software needs.
  2. Embrace Test Automation: Undeniably, manual testing will get the job done in most cases, but it is sometimes considered inefficient as it may consume even more resources and time than necessary. Software QA consulting services can enhance test automation for tasks like implementing CI/CD pipelines or regression testing so that your organization can automate the tests, making the process more efficient.
  3. Attain Certifications: Several certifications like GAMP, HIPAA, and ISO assure the user that the software has met the desired quality checks and privacy standards. Software QA consultants have the right experience in helping organizations get these certifications so that their created software can have a sense of trust and meet the right standards.
  4. Optimize the Process: Though you may have a working QA process that has shown significant results, you may still feel there is room for improvement. In that case, an expert team of software QA consultants can run tests on your process to determine the areas which can be improved. Afterward, they will make the necessary changes to optimize it for better efficiency during the QA process.

Software QA Consulting and Testing Services by ThinkSys

ThinkSys offers various software QA consulting and testing services to help optimize the performance of your software and to become bug-free. Below are the different QA consulting services provided by ThinkSys.

ThinkSys QA Process

To make sure that the outcome from our software QA consulting is the maximum, our QA experts take an organized approach depending on the project’s needs. Below is the basic process followed by ThinkSys’ professionals for quality assurance.

  1. Define Requirements: The foremost step in our QA consulting service is understanding what you are looking for.
    • Detailed project auditing .
    • Identifying the areas which can be improved in the process.
    • Business case documentation.
    • Understanding the software development process.
  2. Planning: After analyzing the current software development and QA scenario, our team will build a robust plan for your project. This step will include:
    • Development of QA strategy.
    • Determining the ways to implement the desired changes.
    • Building a roadmap for QA services.
    • Project scope creation.
  3. Executing the Plan: As the name suggests, this step is about executing the strategy and plan created in the previous step. The QA engineers, project managers, and the entire QA consulting team will take all the necessary measures to execute the plan.
    • Risk assessment and planning.
    • Executing the QA plan.
    • Implementing the best practices.
  4. Support: ThinkSys provides round-the-clock support with software QA consulting services.
    • 24X7 support.
    • Detailed documentation on the process.
    • In-depth reports on QA progress.
    • Analyzing the results and identifying the roadblocks.

Why Choose ThinkSys for Software QA Consulting?

Delivering the best software QA consulting service is ThinkSys’ primary goal. With a perfect blend of skill and experience, ThinkSys ensures you get the best QA consulting service.

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Want to leverage the our QA approach to deliver reliable and bug free software?

Frequently Asked Questions(Software QA Consulting)

Software QA assurance is a significant yet complex task. Implementing the best practices will allow the team to make the process effective and a bit easier.

  • Create a Plan: One of the best practices for QA is to have a clear plan on how QA will be performed on your software. This plan should include all the factors including test design techniques, test cases, risk assessment, testing types, and estimates.
  • Documentation: Documenting everything is a standard practice that should always be followed. Documenting bug reports will allow the team and QA engineers to prioritize the test cases and issues that should be resolved before any other.
  • Start Early: Quality assurance has proven to be effective in making the software reliable because it tests the software in the development phase rather than completing the software. Every QA team should start it early in the process so that it leaves scope for improvement.
  • Use Automation: Automation has improved the software development and testing process while eradicating the possibility of human errors. Make sure to leverage automation in the QA process through the right practices and tools for the best outcome.
  • Test on Several Devices: Testing the newly developed software on multiple devices ensures that your product works on all different devices and platforms.

At ThinkSys Inc., we always prefer to take a customized approach for every client. To ensure that our QA engineers can find and fix as many bugs as possible, we blend continuous integration with automation as soon as the process begins. Our team can fix the bugs during the software development phase with this QA approach. This approach allows our team to continue eradicating bugs from the software as the development process moves further, leading to fewer software bugs and quick delivery.

Often people consider QA consultants and QA engineers the same. Even though there are certain similarities between both, their dissimilarities are significant as well. 

A QA engineer will keep an eye on all the parts of the software development process, including designing, testing, development, bug fixes, and delivery. In most cases, they are a full-time employee of an organization.

On the other hand, a QA consultant is the one who will ensure that your software meets a set of compliance requirements and standards set by your organization. Not only does a QA consultant help in enhancing the quality of the finished product, but it can also boost the speed of software delivery. 

The QA Consultants are responsible for eradicating bugs in the early development stages rather than testing them after development. Furthermore, they can create an entire QA strategy and improve the overall existing QA processes.

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