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Software testing is a pivotal part of the software development lifecycle. With the proper testing, the software can become stable and bug-free. Manual and automated testing are the two types of testing that can help eradicate all the issues from the software. Earlier, manual testing was the preferred choice of testers. However, manual testing is time-consuming and leaves the scope of human errors. With that in mind, test automation is the best way to perform testing. Here, you will know all about test automation, its perks, different services, and what to expect from test automation services.

What is Test Automation?

Test automation is using automation tools to perform test cases rather than performing the same test manually. Though the priority is quality assurance, it focuses on the stability of the entire software so that the user experience can be maximized. Some might believe that implementing test automation aims to eradicate manual testing completely. However, automation testing is done to minimize the use of manual testing. 

Several organizations still prefer manual testing over automation because of a lack of experience and skill in performing test automation. ThinkSys Inc. offers test automation services so that all organizations can leverage the perks of automated testing for their software. The team at ThinkSys always remains updated with the latest automation tools and techniques to deliver top-notch services. 

Benefits of Test Automation Services

Understanding the benefits of test automation services will help you in knowing how this service can make your software better. 

  1. Fewer Efforts, Better Results: There is no denying the fact that test automation reduces the efforts and time required by testers even while performing complicated actions. The time testers save through automation can make the process efficient and deliver better results over time. 
  2. Cost-Effective: Several organizations hinder from implementing test automation in their software development process as their initial investment is on the higher side. However, in the long run, automating the testing process saves much time, ultimately leading to less investment. In other words, test automation is cost-effective when implemented in the long term.
  3. Larger Coverage Area: One of the biggest perks of test automation is that it allows testers to have a larger coverage area while testing. More tests can be performed in an application which ultimately tests more features and enhances test efficiency. Achieving the same on an application through manual testing will require a herculean team within a given time.
  4. Detect Issues Early: Test automation makes testing more accessible and quicker. The development team can work collaboratively with the support team to identify and fix the issues quicker than manual testing, ensuring faster development and delivery speed. As the issues are detected earlier, the overall process becomes quicker and more cost-effective.

Test Automation Services by ThinkSys

ThinkSys is among the best companies for automation testing services that will help your organization develop and implement test automation infrastructure. Below are the primary services for test automation.

ThinkSys Test Automation Process

Following a planned and systematic approach to test automation is mandatory to get the expected results. At ThinkSys, we always follow a test automation setup plan according to the software needs. Explained below is the test automation process followed by the team at ThinkSys.

Types of Automation Testing Services Offered by ThinkSys

At ThinkSys, we understand that different software will have different testing requirements. Performing the same testing type on both may not provide accurate results. With that in mind, we perform different types of testing depending on the software type and needs. 

Types of Software we Test at ThinkSys

At ThinkSys, we try to deliver the best test automation services and ensure that every client’s testing needs are fulfilled. With that in mind, we cover a broad array of software testing, making us among the top automation testing companies globally. Here are the different types of software on which we perform test automation.

  • Cloud-based applications, hybrid apps, and on-premises apps.
  • Web, mobile, and desktop applications.
  • SaaS, desktop, and mobile software. 
  • B2B, and B2C applications.
  • Applications for internal operations.

What to Expect from Our Test Automation Services?

Before getting test automation services from ThinkSys, you need to get a clear idea of what to expect. Not only will you get the best test automation as a service, but it will also ensure that you get continuous support for the same. Below are the things that you can expect from our automation testing service.

Test Automation Services FAQ’s

Regarding automation testing, ThinkSys is one of the best companies that offer this service. With a plethora of services under their portfolio and continuous support, ThinkSys a renowned name in automation testing in USA.

With the rising competition in delivering the best software before anyone else, automation testing has seen an enormous surge. Automation testing ensures high efficiency and better-performing software. Considering that fact, the demand for automation testers has risen as well.

Automation testing tools play a crucial role in making test automation effective. Below are the best automation testing tools that are in demand in 2023.

  • Testsigma.
  • Selenium.
  • Appsurify TestBrain.
  • Watir.
  • LambdaTest.

Testers prefer test automation during the production environment as it allows them to test the software in real-time where they can change the data as per the current needs. Apart from that, it gives them a sense of confidence that every component is working fine. In other words, the role of test automation in a production environment is to identify and fix bugs in the initial stage so that they do not hamper the user experience.

The accurate cost of test automation services will depend on the number of testers and the hours they put in to accomplish the task. Furthermore, the cost of acquiring automation tools and resources also adds up. Though it may sound expensive, and it is initially, the ROI is extremely high in the long run. Once you opt ThinkSys test automation or QA services, our team ensures the necessary measures and create the perfect strategy for your software to ensure you get the most ROI. 

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