Krypton, an Innovative Open Source Test Automation Tool

ThinkSys recently launched its innovative open source test automation tool Krypton at the STARWEST Techwell event in California. STARWEST Techwell is the premier event for software testers and quality assurance professionals.
Built on top of Selenium, Krypton is a free automation solution for testing websites, web-based applications, mobile websites and mobile native apps.

ThinkSys has built the Krypton Framework based on its experience of helping several Enterprises and ISVs across the world in building quality software while reducing the cost of quality.
On the occasion of the launch of this Framework, we got in touch with Rajiv Jain, the CEO of ThinkSys and the innovator of Krypton. Here is an excerpt of the conversation –

Question #1: What is the idea behind Krypton?

[Rajiv Jain]:

For the past several years, we have been providing testing and quality assurance services to our worldwide customers. Krypton was actually born out of necessity. For one of our large customers we had to automate more than 8000 test cases in a very short time. Although the customer had access to QTP licenses, looking at the project scope, we decided to build a framework on top of Selenium. The Framework, later rechristened as Krypton, allowed us to create the test cases within a matter of few months with a very small team of non-developers.
Later on, we improved the Framework to make it a Regression Automation Testing Framework for testing websites, web-based applications, mobile websites and mobile native apps.

Question #2: How was the response for Krypton at STARWEST?

[Rajiv Jain]:

It was brilliant – to say the least?. The companies to whom we demonstrated the framework appreciated its ease of use and the fact that non-programmers can also use it. I am personally overwhelmed with the response which we received from the testing community – there was a lot of response for contributions to the framework. That’s the beauty of Krypton being an open source framework built on the already popular Selenium.

Question #3: There are many test automation tools in the market? How is Krypton different?

[Rajiv Jain]:

Good question. Let me first clarify that Krypton is not a tool but it’s a framework that is built on top of Selenium. I agree that there are several frameworks that have been built on top of Selenium but the idea behind Krypton is that it helps manual testers become experts in Test Automation within a short span of 4-6 weeks and then have the abilities to build complex automation scripts for both Web and Mobile.

We have used Krypton ourselves for many of our existing customers at ThinkSys. With modular scripts and easy maintenance of code, it helps in quick creation of automation strategies for complex projects. Our customers especially like the way the test results are displayed in simple HTML format offering easy customization.
If I have to pick one feature which is one of the key differentiators, then I would say that Krypton solves browser idiosyncrasies and the age old issue of handling “Sleep” in automation.

Question #4: Why did you decide to launch Krypton as open source Framework and not a licensed product?

[Rajiv Jain]:

I think this is where our experience of working in this QA domain played a crucial role. We have worked with several proprietary test automation tools for our clients. We understand and know the frustrations of the QA engineers as well as the customers because of the limitations of such tools. Today, technology is rapidly evolving and nobody has the patience to wait for the new versions of the proprietary tools. Customers want a fully functional product with the source code and they want to build features on top of it as per their needs. There is definitely great value in having many people participate in creating a great product that is better for the industry.

Question #5: What skillset or experience do the QA engineers need to possess to be able to use Krypton?

[Rajiv Jain]:

Well, as less as 4 to 6 weeks – and I am saying this time for a Manual Testers and not even the Automation Testers. Anyone with logical thinking can become a good Krypton user if he/she knows simple scripting.

Question #6: What type of organizations can truly benefit from Krypton – small, mid-size or large?

[Rajiv Jain]:

Krypton is useful for all sizes of organizations. I would especially recommend Krypton to those organizations which have large teams of manual testers with good domain or product knowledge and they would like those teams to contribute in automation testing – Krypton can help them become automation experts in no time!

Question #7: Mobile testing has become very crucial in today’s time and age. Does Krypton help in that?

[Rajiv Jain]:

Oh yes! Krypton does help in Mobile Automation.

Question #8: Who all contributed to the making of Krypton?

[Rajiv Jain]:

Krypton has received valuable contributions from various teams. First of all, the ThinkSys team of QA Engineers, who saw the need for a Framework like this, based on their experience of observing the pain points and providing solutions to our customers. Secondly, our customers who agreed to be the beta users of Krypton and gave us continuous feedback. Thirdly, our partners who provided practical suggestions based on their in-depth knowledge of industry demands and the gaps in the existing solutions.

What are the future plans for Krypton?

[Rajiv Jain]:

We plan to continue to invest in the framework to make it more intuitive and also add more features to it. We are keenly looking forward to contributions from the developer community to make it richer in functionality.

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