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Regression Testing

A black box testing technique, Regression testing is a significant type of software testing that tests whether the existing & old functionality of a software or application is responding properly or not. The main purpose of regression is to find bugs, which were introduced accidentally while performing new modifications & changes in the system. This type of software testing is extremely advantageous, as it increases the chances of detecting errors & bugs, which further improves the functioning & quality of the product. Other benefits of regression testing are:

  • It is an automated test type, which saves time & cost of testing.
  • Ensures the data integrity & validation after the errors have been fixed.
  • It is a beneficial option for applications that require continuous modifications.
  • Helps understand the requirements and specifications of the application or the software system.
  • Allows timely detection of errors & bugs.
  • Assists with quality oriented product development with required modifications.

Regression Testing Company

ThinkSys, the most renowned software testing company, is providing precision in regression testing to facilitate maximum coverage through minimal number of test cases. We offer cost benefit regression model that increases the productivity & efficiency of Quality Assurance (QA) and reduces your time to market significantly. We offer regression services with a unique blend of best-in-class scientific methods & algorithms to our clients all over the globe. Our team of efficient & dexterous testers offer solutions that help us prioritise & sequence regression test suite. Our skilled testing professionals build the pillars of regression testing services stronger by utilizing profound knowledge and experience with various tools and methods.

Our Regression Testing Services

At Thinksys, we employ an iterative method to test various aspects of the updated or modified software application. Our team’s skills allow us to functionally determine when to terminate testing after detecting all adhesive risks. We also have a fundamental way to stimulate the releases of systems under test (SUT). Our methods of testing are executed early in the development process, which assists us in tackling discrepancies that might occur in the software. Therefore, the various regression services offered by us are:

  • We perform quality & successful regression testing using extensive approaches that are based on your business requirements.
  • Our structured schedules for entry & exit criteria ensure better & complete coverage of requirements.
  • Leverage from our strategic ability to functionally evaluate the system’s interactions with other elements.
  • Validate system’s compliance with client’s specific requirements to get valuable results using less number of test case & tools.
  • Ensure error & bug free system after each modification with our systemized services.
  • Enjoy safe upgrades, patches & fixes in the system and its functionality.
  • Our team of professionals automate the perpetual task of validating the proper functioning & processing of the software.
  • Automatically execute UI tests after every build or change, with the assistance of productive automated tools.
  • Get defined strategies & solutions to test application from start to end to assess end-to-end functionality.
  • Our test ensure that the system’s performance is based on specified requirements.
  • Verify & validate your system’s functioning against specifications.
  • Get modified or unaltered and existing or freshly prepared test.
  • Get a team of skilled, adept, & experienced testers to manage test cases effortlessly.
  • Get quality outcomes with marginal efforts.

What makes our Regression Testing Services Special?

  • We apply extended team oriented approach to provide our clients all over the world risk free regression testing.
  • With us, leverage the advantage of mobile app regression test automation.
  • Our team is well versed with latest frameworks & languages and uses various tools for regression testing like: Selenium, LoadRunner, Visual Studio Test System, SoapUI, TestComplete, & more.
  • Qualitative regression testing by mapping & analysing the dependencies between requirements & test cases, which ensures better coverage with minimum number of test cases.
  • We have a proven track record of timely project delivery at an affordable & competitive price.