Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications

RIA, as a rich internet application is better known as, are a set of applications which offer a refreshingly interactive, engaging and rich experience to the user which makes sure an enhanced productivity and user satisfaction. RIA can be applied to a range of normal applications including many different browsers and platforms. These can also easily reach many mobile devices using the advantages of the Internet. Another advantage of RIA is that it stores most of its data in the background application server, which makes it light and easy for the user. For the end customer, our RIA applications have managed to come up with an excellent client server relationship model which ensures a rich user experience. At ThinkSys, our solutions make your applications more expressive and refreshing for the customers apart from helping you to get a better response from them in return.

Keeping in mind the enhancing popularity of coldfusion, we have formed a dedicated center of excellence (CoE) which specializes in coldfusion development in an extremely effective and cost feasible manner.

Why to choose coldfusion?

  • Coldfusion provides an easy and quick platform of web application development.
  • Provides excellent troubleshooting and testing tools for all the applications.
  • Coldfusion supports almost all the major industry standards which make it a feasible choice.
  • The maintenance of coldfusion applications is easy and feasible.

How can we help you with RIA?

  • Our team has come up with amazing results over the years in enabling RIA in different applications across various platforms like ecommerce, mobile applications and different portals.
  • We also specialize in testing all the RIA deployed applications to make sure you have a bug free application at your perusal.
  • Our experts with years of experience are ready to share their personal insights about RIA which can help you to make a better use of RIA technology.

At ThinkSys, our RIA solutions are cost effective and have been found to generate much higher profits for our clients along with enhancing the customer loyalty towards the company. The dedicated, certified RIA team at ThinkSys uses Flex, AIR, Microsoft Silverlight, Curl and Java to come up with the best possible solutions for our clients. Our RIA solutions have received a positive feedback from our clients all across the world which makes us a natural choice for all your RIA related projects.


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Client Testimonials

This is outstanding progress by the ThinkSys India team! I know you all have been working long hours and have been receiving new direction from us daily and sometimes hourly. We appreciate you taking a day out of your weekend to help us with this critical release. Integrating automation in an agile environment is extremely difficult and the entire ThinkSys India team has done a great job.

QA Director, online dating service company

ThinkSys has been providing outstanding, timely and reliable service for us. The company's staff is highly resourceful in identifying and executing solutions. The company has deep core expertise in QA automation, but we have used them for several other technical implementation services.

USA based CEO