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Enhancing business productivity and employee efficiency is now easier for organizations with the help of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Though relatively new to the field, Robotic Process Automation has gained great traction in the past couple of years because of its ability to allow software robots to mimic human behavior. Moreover, today, RPA has become the go-to solution for businesses who wish to achieve intelligent automation to streamline end-to-end business processes and repetitive, rule-based tasks. 

So, be it automating tasks or saving thousands of hours of productivity and cost, with this technology, you can effectively focus on critical tasks and enjoy various benefits, like:

  • Lower Operational Risks.
  • Better Control.
  • Process Driven Accuracy.
  • Reduced Cost.
  • Better Customer Experience.
  • Improved Scalability.
  • Enhanced Productivity.
  • Empowered Employees.
  • Simplicity & Flexibility.
  • Better Quality & Security.
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ThinkSys, your leading Robotic Process Automation company, is here to help you leverage the benefits of RPA, with our highest quality and result-driven RPA solutions and services. We have a team of highly qualified RPA experts, developers, and Robotic Process Automation testers, who create unique, easy-to-use, Robotic Process Automation software using the right robotic process automation tools, methodologies, and frameworks while taking necessary quality assurance measures to maintain seamless performance and functionality. 

Moreover, to ensure maximum benefits for our clients in various industry verticals, we not only offer quality services but also expert consultations, strategy development, planning, and more, that significantly reduce the delivery time and increase your savings. 

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Robotic Process Automation Services We Offer

Automating processes to alleviate strain on your workforce.

Keeping in mind the diversity of RPA development and testing requirements, our company offers a wide range of RPA solutions and testing services that cater to all your needs and allow you to revolutionize your digital workforce systematically, without compromising on product design, user interface, features, etc. So, whether you want RPA UI Testing, RPA regression testing, performance testing, robotic process automation customer services, or robotic process automation in financial services, we can help you with all though our end-to-end RPA solutions.

Digital Business Process Automation

Implement digital business process automation with ThinkSys and engage your human resources into more sophistication, relevant and critical tasks. Get greater insight, reduced cost, time and efforts, and better, more efficient results with zero human mistakes.

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Legacy System Integration

Make the most of our legacy system integration services and facilitate faster operations, quick and upgradations, and integration of the latest technologies and achieve desired performance and business growth while saving process cost, time, and manual efforts.

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Bot Development Services

Now creating and integrating RPA bots is made easier by ThinkSys. Get a team of experts for designing and developing secured bots with simple, yet effective UI that interact with other systems via screen-scraping or API integration. Enjoy superior quality & assistance.

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RPA Testing Services

Overcome RPA testing challenges with ThinkSys to enjoy better performance and security. Get skilled testers well versed with RPA testing framework for quality RPA unit testing, RPA security testing, RPA performance testing, RPA web testing, etc. and expert assistance and maintenance in RPA testing phases.

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RPA Support and Maintenance

To ensure the complete digital transformation of your business processes, we offer complete IT support and maintenance to manage, monitor, and continuously optimize your robotic process execution, including infrastructure and system support, even after deployment which helps you stay updated & relevant, always.

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Automation Consultancy

Whether you want Robotic Process Automation testing services or strategy development, maintenance, etc. our knowledgeable RPA services consultants are always eager to help you with your RPA requirement. Get quick and quality assistance and solutions that help you make informed decisions.

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Our Clients Testimonials

I am quite impressed with the efficiency and proficiency of Thinksys Development team in successfully updating and implementing changes at 11th hour to meet the need of volatile requirements.
Bret - CEO

I really appreciate the efforts of customer support team at Thinksys in delivering the resolutions via remote support without waiting for the customer’s response, which not only satisfies the customer needs but also turn their experiences positive with us.
Liat - Senior Manager

Teams at Thinksys; Development or QA or any other team knows how to coordinate amongst themselves very well. Teams impart combined efforts by working closely to validate full flows in a much effective manner. I am very much pleased with the excellent work carried out at Thinksys.
Joe - Senior Manager


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Our Pricing Models

ThinkSys offers you the freedom to select and build your team of app programmers and developers, under your desired hiring model.

Hourly Basis
single website
Suitable for small or one time projects.
Offers lower perceived risks.
Rigid time-frame, defined scope of work.
standard package
Cost effective and consistent price.
Time & task based services.
Perfect for startups and small caps.
e-commerce package
Significant cost benefits .
Access to all our software experts.
Flexibility with full time management & Choose best resources for your project.

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Our RPA Process

Seamless, agile, and comprehensive. 

To alleviate the burden of repetitive tasks and effectively transform your business process into an intelligent and automated enterprise system, our team follows an agile process, wherein the critical factors of the project are assessed and identified before implementation, testing, and deployment.

  • 1

    Opportunity Assessment

    The process that needs automation is analyzed and the right tools are selected for implementation after determining: Process lifetime -> Usage Criteria-> Project feasibility.

  • 2

    Proof of Concept

    Based on the analysis, a POC is prepared with an aim to determine: Financial model, Estimated ROI, RPA Testing scope, Documentation & data required.

  • 3


    Once the implementation procedure, risks, cost, and necessary RPA tools are determined, we design and develop automated software. Moreover, RPA testing best practices are used to validate the security and quality of the product.

  • 4

    Actualization & Management

    Finally, the software is released in the RPA market for real-time use. We constantly monitor the automation and user experience and make the necessary modification based on the assessment and feedbacks.


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From healthcare, retail, and public sector, to banking, finance, and more, no matter the industry or function, we, as one of the prominent RPA companies, use our knowledge of RPA platform and tools UiPath to deliver solutions that help you integrate robotics and advanced digital technology into your business framework faster and achieve true automation anywhere. Other reasons for opting ThinkSys as your RPA partner, include:

  • Eliminating the risk of human error.
  • Knowledge of RPA testing methodology and powerful testing tools.
  • Intelligent data extraction and interpretation capabilities.
  • Automating UI for web, desktop, mainframe, Java, etc.
  • Delivering accurate results and better testing efficiency.
  • Transparent and flexible pricing models.
  • Access to a skilled team, with years of experience in automation.
  • NDA for confidentiality.
  • Easy exit policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RPA?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a capability that allows a virtual workforce, like software bots to automate highly repetitive, manual tasks normally performed by knowledge workers.

What is the need for RPA?

Robotic Process Automation is an effective way to automate mundane tasks, as it can work uninterrupted for 24×7 and complete tasks allocated to numerous employees (8-10 or more) which helps increase productivity.

What are the benefits of RPA?

Some prominent advantages offered by RPA to both businesses and testers include:

  • It is non-intrusive, as it runs on top of existing IT infrastructure.
  • Offers better quality and control. 
  • It’s Scalable and cost-effective.
  • Increases focus and productivity. 
  • Provides detailed performance data, increasing operational visibility and enabling continuous improvement.

RPA Vs. Test Automation Tools

Though used to automate tasks, save cost, and efforts, RPA and Test Automation are two vastly different technologies. 

  • RPA: Robotic Process Automation is used by organizations to automate business processes with virtual robots and/or artificial intelligence. However, it does not require teams to write code, as RPA systems monitor users’ actions on GUI to create a list of actions, which are mimicked to relieve the human resource from repetitive tasks.
  • Test Automation Tools: Whereas, test automation tools are used to test software and applications to save time, cost, and efforts. However, unlike RPA, it does require intense coding to automate tasks and relies on testers’ programming.

Do you sign an NDA?

Yes. To maintain complete confidentiality and ensure the privacy and personal information of our clients we are always ready to sign an NDA. 

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