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Security Testing

“Making your software & applications safe, secure, & reliable.”

With the ever advancing technology, cyber attacks & breaches are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, which has made protecting important information & data difficult for organisations around the world. The rise in these attacks & exploitation of organisation’s vulnerabilities has made security testing a vital part of software development process. The main objective of this variant of software testing is to identify the threats in the system & measure its potential vulnerabilities. It reveals the loopholes & flaws in the security mechanisms that protect data & maintain intended functionality. Other benefits of Security Testing are:

  • Ensures software systems & applications are free of loopholes.
  • Capable of detecting highly complex vulnerabilities.
  • Simplifies remediation & managing of false positives.
  • Tests organisations cyber-defence compatibility.
  • Detects weaknesses before they become security threats.
  • Helps identify the location of any flaw in the source code.

Leading Security Testing Company

“Thinksys: Your one-stop-destination for world class software testing services.”

Being one of the pioneered and trusted security testing companies, we offer our proven expertise in delivering quality assured and valued security testing solutions. Our team of skilled and experienced security test engineers adopt various effective & comprehensive strategies based on our client’s diverse business needs and requirements.We analyze & offer our deep insight to uncover critical & risk-oriented attributes & potential vulnerabilities of an application. To truly understand the potential of security threats and to avoid any breaches, our adept & talented testers take a comprehensive real-world approach and work as hackers to execute penetration tests from different perspective, which asses the intensity and impact of the malicious attack(s) on the application.

“So, secure your applications & systems with our end-to-end security testing services.”

Our Impeccable Security Testing Services

“Scale up your testing speed with our rapid & cost effective test automation services.”

As one of the leading security testing companies, Thinksys is offering clients diversified and trusted security testing solutions across different verticals, since over a decade. Using our top-notch security testing services, we perform exhaustive and thorough scan of applications to identify and remove false consideration & to prioritize risks and vulnerabilities. Our various services for security testing are:

  • Upgrade & strengthen your software application security mechanism.
  • Eliminate vulnerabilities, flaws and loopholes in software design, database, development, deployment, and maintenance.
  • Ensure safe personal & confidential transactions and enjoy secure data storage.
  • Protect your websites & web apps from malicious activities, cyber attacks, unauthorized access, data theft, and more.
  • Access internet without any security breaches, cyber attacks, & more
  • Store & transfer data safely & get superior protection against hackers.
  • Get safe & secure network and protect your valuable & confidential data.
  • Prevent system’s integrity from malicious attacks & secure organizational assets, workflow, & processes.
  • Checks for loopholes, weaknesses, & vulnerabilities present in your applications & software systems.
  • Get effective cyber-defence and save your valuable data & information.
  • We offer cost effective solutions & protection against unknown risks & entities.
  • Receive superior application security including data, access & authorization management, OS, network, platform and architecture security.
  • Get standard & regulation compliant software products.
  • Meet a particular country’s established & mandatory security standards and regulatory norms.

Advantages of Our Security Testing

  • We as one of the leading security testing companies have adeptness in delivering heterogeneous security testing solution for different domains.
  • Our security testing methodology involves interactive application security testing (IAST) including both static and dynamic application security testing.
  • Find a team of enthusiastic and skilled penetration testers & talented hackers, who can easily detect potential vulnerabilities and security gaps present in the system.
  • Our QA team is equipped with the latest & advanced security testing tools like Metasploit, Zed Attack Proxy(ZAP), Wireshark, Backtrack, W3af.
  • We impart high level security and data protection features and 100% client satisfaction.
  • Defects are reported along with the remedial measures to correct the defect(s).
  • We also provide quality-rich offshore security testing solutions based on our client’s diverse business needs and requirements.
  • Receive committed 360-degree quality cover for your system, along with timely-deliverance of your project.
  • Get line by line inspection to find out logical errors, insecure functionality, cryptography, and other major issues.
  • A manual verification is carried out to validate the feasibility of vulnerabilities.
  • We also provide Stage-Wise Security Testing to Reduce Product Vulnerabilities.