PHP Development Services

PHP, a server-side scripting language designed for web development, is widely used software programming language. PHP’s affordable pricing, in-built memory, scalability, and open source application development makes it the most preferred programming language for various industries & organisation. PHP based websites are designed to carry heavy loads effortlessly and are enormously resourceful. Other features of PHP are:

  • Supports different domains, such as CMS (Drupal, WordPress); coding frameworks (CakePHP, Zend); E-commerce framework (Magento, Zencart); Database (Mysql, SOL Server).
  • Budget friendly, simple & easy to learn.
  • Avoids long programs and implements short code.
  • Provides maximum coverage.
  • Develops interactive & responsive web applications or websites.
  • Scalable, reliable, secure, robust, platform independent & supports multiple servers.
  • In-built memory facilitates the advantage of speedy executions, reduction in time & faster development.

Leading PHP Development Company

With ThinkSys, take care of your dynamic and elaborative web & app development needs.

As a renowned development company, we are dedicated to provide a wide range of high-quality development services for web applications, web design, website development, and more. We offer PHP based business & development solutions that deliver maximum ROI, flexibility, & improved collaboration. So, make your dream of having a popular website like Facebook, Yahoo, Flickr, Wikipedia, and more, a reality, with our top level PHP web and application development services.

Our Polished PHP Development Services

You have a Vision; Our Mission is to get you there.

  • Build custom websites that carry the mark of excellence.
  • Offer websites that are in complete sync with your business.
  • Get visualised & recognised by the billions of users at an affordable price.
  • E-commerce development for feature packed & high performance online storefronts.
  • Get development services that involves multiple interfaces, database connectivity, search engines, & more.
  • Consistent and easy to use & navigate websites.
  • We deliver websites with superior quality architecture, layout, design, & consistency.
  • Ensure robust & secure websites with us.
  • Find effective & time saving solutions to strike out hard core programming skills.
  • Usage of HTML & CSS to design, layout, and manage the structure & content of a website.
  • Get dynamic, interactive, flexible, & scalable PHP application development.
  • We deliver responsive & cross-platform web applications.
  • Receive websites equipped with back end database system.
  • We impart PHP web development services for internal business portal or web portal.
  • Cost effective services & best PHP application development.
  • Offer web solutions that suits your needs.
  • Comprehensive & effective communication platform.
  • Interact, share & exchange information without any hassle.

Our PHP Development Approach

As one of the prominent PHP development company, we follow a well-defined and structured development approach, which caters to our client’s wide range of development requirements & needs. Our development approach basically involves the following steps:

  1. Identification of requirements:
    • Business and user requirements are studied & analysed.
    • Expert consultation is taken to define the scope, goal, resources, & budget of the project.
    • Estimation & assessment of the risk involved.
  2. Designing & implementation:
    • Design of the application is worked out.
    • Once the final design is decided, it is implemented.
    • Programming & scripting is carried out as per the design implementation.
  3. Testing:
    • Software application is tested in the real world & various other conditions and environments.
  4. Product release & Maintenance:
    • After rigorous testing, the software is released or delivered to the client.
    • 24×7 maintenance along with 24×7 support & assistance is provided.

Leveraging on the deep domain expertise of our professionals, who adopt industries best practices and methodologies, Thinksys delivers most comprehensive PHP web application & development solutions for different industry verticals.

So, hire our adept development teams and enjoy quality PHP web development services & other fabulous advantages like:

  • Work with trusted, valued, & award winning Web development company that delivers Avant-garde development services.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Affordable Pricing.
  • Fast Data Processing.
  • Quick Turnaround Time.
  • Adaptive to new versions & technologies.
  • Immediate & 24×7 technical support.
  • Rapid development with excellent performance.
  • Impart both off shore & onsite PHP development based on our client’s needs & requirements.
  • Our deftness in Model View Controller (MVC) helps us to create expressive, scalable, & visually appealing websites.
  • Technologies, frameworks, & tools used in our CMMI-3 compliant development process are:
    • Zend Framework.
    • Symfony.
    • Drupal8.
    • Laravel.
    • CodeIgniter.
    • Yii 2.
    • My Sql.
    • Sublime Text.
    • Parsedown

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