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Usability Testing

“Helping you deliver best first impressions”

A type of software testing, Usability Testing refers to evaluating a product or service by testing it with representative users. This type of testing includes testing User Interfaces (UI) & User Experience (UX). It ensures easiness & convenience in using a software application from a user’s point of view. Nowadays, where competition is at its peak, creating user friendly, unique, & hassle free applications is of utmost importance. To help organisations achieve these goals, usability testing is being implemented early in the software/application development phase. The various benefits of this type of software testing are:

  • Imparts ease in learning, adapting, understanding the application.
  • Allows problem identification.
  • Ensures the accuracy of product at the time of its release.
  • Identifies the changes required to improve the overall performance of the software application.
  • Testers are able to monitor the time of task completion.
  • Validates exceptional user experience & satisfaction.

Usability Testing Company

“We do the work, you get the results!”

With Thinksys’ impeccable usability testing services wipe out the probability of poor user- experience and negative feedback of your software application. We have an adept team of talented, experienced & dexterous QA experts, who are proficient in providing end-to-end usability testing services to our clients all over the world. Leveraging the benefit of our agile & innovative usability test approaches and practices, along with the blend of highly-skilled and experienced test engineers, we deliver great and satisfactory results. From application’s design, look, to other vital features, our team works on every minor detail to provide best user experience.

Usability Testing Services

“Offering efficiency, accuracy, & superb customer satisfaction.“

At ThinkSys, an award winning software development and testing company, we constantly impart outstanding usability testing solutions. From startups to large scale businesses, our services & solutions cater to our client’s diverse business needs and make sure they get accurate & expected results. Our usability testing services are designed to match the requirements of our clients and are implemented with the assistance of latest & quality usability testing tools.

Remote Usability Testing

  • Get software usability testing across different geographical locations involving developers, testers, & worldwide multiple users.
  • We impart remote usability testing with the help of best online software tools and devices.

Website Usability Testing (A/B Testing)

  • We perform usability test of a website for two(A/B testing) and more than two versions of a web page using multivariate or bucket testing.
  • Enjoy hassle free services and get visually appealing websites that offer incomparable user experience.

Mobile App Usability Testing

  • Ensure Mobile apps usability such as user-interface, designing and easily attract and maintain the interest of a user towards the app.
  • Receive user friendly applications with safe & secure features & functionality.

Expert Review

  • Using their acquired skills & experience, our usability testing experts & professional evaluate the software application and audit all the relevant parameters.
  • Get valuable services & rapid product inspection, audit & review.

Automate Expert Review

  • Maintain the consistency & precision of your websites & apps using software programs based on the user-experience design and heuristic model or approach.
  • We provide our global clients expert review method to deliver quick and efficient results.

Hallway Testing

  • To test the quality, usability & functionality of the software application we get random users to use and test the software product quality
  • Detect most basic irregularities and flaws, which may be caught only by the user’s eye.

Benefits of Our Usability Testing Services

  • We deliver extensive usability testing solutions that involve software’s usability requirements evaluation from a user’s point of view and direct involvement of real and intended users to test the product.
  • Get defined, unique and productive approaches and procedures that focus on user interface (UI) & user-experience (UX).
  • We impart software products that offer ease & convenience to end-users in adapting, learning, understanding, using a software application or a website.
  • We have a well-equipped lab full of various mobile & interactive touch devices for testing mobile apps & websites for various platforms like Android, iOS, & Windows
  • Our team imparts testing services in real world conditions and environment to record, study and analyse the real-time behaviour, expression and experience of the users.
  • We perform usability tests for mobile apps & websites using latest and useful usability testing tools such as CrazyEgg, Optimizely, ClickTale, Usabilla, Keynote, UserZoom, etc.
  • Get efficient & effective services with around the clock support & maintenance.